Thayer, Sarah E ?. Letter to Amy Kirby Post.


Handwritten letter from Sarah E ? Thayer to Amy Kirby Post, n.d.


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               Lima July 5th

My dear Sister Amy
                                       Your kind letter
either raised my pride or my gratitude
that you should think of me to write
among others; many many thanks I give
for this expression of your love to unworthy
self – I had thought of you daily & waiting
to hear from Mrs B. I expect her to day so
I must deny myself the expected pleas-
ure of attending the convention- & Mrs
[Crannis?] of LeRoy has sent for me to go
& stay with her a few weeks as she has a
relapse & her nurse is obliged – if I feel able
I must go the last of the week – Mr C read
Nortons letter He & Eddy arrived safe after a
bad time were run into & rejoiced that
his mother remained as the [Nicaragua?]
rout [sic] is so dreadful [&?] advises her to go by th[e]
[Panama?] rout” [sic] It is difficult to decide
whether it is better to die famine or by the
sword, - I am rejoiced to hear that Dr J
is doing so good a business & so well
Please remember me great kindness to him
& his wife  – If I dont [sic] go to LeRoy I shall

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see you in the course of 2 weeks

   My real love to Sister Sarah with a
sincere wish for he [sic] happiness – & love
to brother Isaac & other friends Emma & [illegible]
&c   [Dr? or Dora?] [Sperry?] is here & will take this
& you will please hand the parcel to
my Tenant & believe me your
                      true friend

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Thayer, Sarah E.
Post, Amy Kirby, b. 1802
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Thayer, Sarah E., “Thayer, Sarah E ?. Letter to Amy Kirby Post.,” Post Family Papers Project, accessed December 10, 2018,