Kirby, Mary R. Letter to Sarah L Kirby Hallowell Willis.


Handwritten letter from Mary R Kirby to Sarah L Kirby Hallowell Willis, 1842.



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                             7 day morning after Yearly Meeting 1842

                   returned home last evening after a weeks absence fauverd [sic]
with health so that my husband & self attended all the sitings [sic] except
first day afternoon rainy we lodgd [sic] at Edmunds Jacob dind [sic] their [sic] generaly [sic]
I mostly out we took tea twice out at Samy and Andrews they
well Ed better than last spring continues to take pills yet occasioly [sic]
    I believe its acknowledgd [sic] to be a good Y M but refer you to youre [sic] friends
that was in attendance 3rd day I was introduced to your kind friend
Ann Pound then I could not find her till 5th day spoke with her again,
and said to her I do not feel like taking leave off [sic] the hope to meet again – but
our meet concluded 6th day morning and rainy too that I misst [sic] seeing her
more which I very much regreted [sic] I was pleased with her and loved her as
she loved you,        well only think only one visit from Selvester and [May? Mary?]
and a call this morning from them, on their way to Henery s from Westbury
they calld [sic] to John Ketchams & told them they would [2 illegible words] but must go to
Henry for their things we felt disappointed very much in not having more of their
company we had a nice baked pig & desarts [sic] for diner [sic] && but supposed they
pland [sic] to suit them selves which we all love to do        last night at the branch
James Mott came out said they were all well I think my choice would been
to visit you now only on Elizabeth situation think I should felt anxiety
should she be fauvord [sic] to recover   I believe it is Jacobs intention to perform it
after that, I believe its in 8th month   I am not hardly willing to undertake it
unless company should off so dear children consider it uncertain          Matilda
has heard of the death of her Brother James daughters husband at Nauvoo accation [sic]
by a fall only lived 3 hours after & that her sister Mary had lost an infant babe
& was herself very feeble. James C Hevilands brother John has been at the Nauvoo City, says the houses are mostly only little Shantys [sic] so I exceadingly [sic] fear they
will be much disappointed. Matilda has not seen the letter she is a [member?]
now in sosiety [sic] receved [sic] only the day before we left for YMg so no preparation
for altering it and she had such a large charge of young turkes [sic] which I felt
a stranger too [sic], she desires her love inserted to you all and in particular to
the giver of her bag she shose [sic] the green one as the pretiest [sic] but Willet the other
yesterday I observed Isaac Rushmore in the cars and I stept [sic] to him to here [sic]
from you he told me that you brought him on to Skeneatless [sic] and you were
all well Mary W[i]hite says Matilda Rushmore is quite poorly

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the mariage [sic] of Elizabeth Mott was defered [sic] by reason of Henery  [obliterated] inflama
tion [sic] now they are better they calculate to accm^lish [sic] it the week after YMg Maria
Kirbys sister Pa^r^cila Whippo was buried yesterday of a fever met with brother Ed Kirby
in the streat [sic] one day all we saw him his son Willet just maried [sic] a young woman
in the city by name of Herin some relation of Hannah Hearld of Hempsted [sic] harbour
Amy may remember her – I thought I would send you a roughf [sic] draughf [sic] [o]for
quilting, I qulted [sic] my pongee in this way and like it, that is the bottom and think
it will be perty [sic] for a bed quilt if the quilt is in strips one is this way, and the other
another some other or both this way only not as close together the marks
          we have heard of Elihue Coleman deep affliction which toucht [sic] my feelings
with tender sympathy

                             the garden is growin [sic] and the door yard is in its
former beauty        I shall send a great peice [sic] blank paper I seam [sic] to
lack something worth puting [sic] on it I purpose steping [sic] over to John Ketchams
and take my leave of Selvester ^&^ Mary      say to Amy we love her, I felt
that one paper would contain all at this time my love to Jane Hallowell
if their [sic] also to Mary H Post & William Hallowell who I have not seen
                                      affectionately thy Mother Mary Kirby

how it caused my heart to glow when Ann Pound expresst [sic] we love Amy
and Sarah very much they are lovely friends

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[Address left center, running upward.]

Sarah L Hallowell
          Rotchester [sic]

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