Post, Joseph. Letter to Isaac Post.


Handwritten letter from Joseph Post to Isaac Post, November 23, 1841.


November 23, 1841

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                             Westbury 11th 23rd 1841
Dear Brother
                   Last evening we were at J Rushmore
on geting [sic] home we were surprised at finding J
Hallowell though not less gratified we spent
two hours verry [sic] pleasently [sic] [and after] he enquired
about the appeal cases, and probaly [sic] he will
here [sic] much about them to day, and as J Willis has
given you a particular account it seems like
lost time to hear more, but as J Willis has
held me up as one of the prominent ones, I will
try to tell my side of the story  after the Quarterly
meeting was opened and minutes read, the New York
monthly meetings committee being called were [were]
all preasent [sic] 6 of them  it was proposed to have 6 from
each meeting, some thought 3 enough some 4 and some
5 it finely [sic] settled on 5 from each M Meeting except
Nantucket their [sic] being only 1 from that meeting
and then J. J. Merritt ^one of the N.Y. committee^ went for I Hopper while
waiting Samuel Willets said he thought that it
would not be best for any friends that belongd [sic] to
the association of friends to be on the committee
as they had already piblished [sic] to the world their judg-
ment in the newspapers, [some] ^many^ others New York friends
united with him which caused considerable to
be said [some thought] some of the old friends such
as Gilbert Lawrence and S Mott thought the
committee had better be appointed in the usual
way without any restricktions [sic] [whai] after I Hopper
came in he ask wither [sic] J Gibbons might not [sit]
come in while his committee was appointed which
was granted verry [sic] much in the cross to many of
Yorkers  When the clerk said he was ready for names
Westbury will pleass [sic] to name, after a short pause
not immediately as J Willis said,  I rose and named
William Willets. Samuel Mott was [nexed?] named Isaac
Rushmore Jacob Valintine [sic] Joseph L Townsend, John Willis
Willet Robbins Samuel J Underhill [Sellah?] Hubbs
Williams Willets. V Hicks and R Seaman being objected
to Gilbert Lawrence Samuel Pearsal James Bird

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Samuel [Bownd?] Silas Hicks and Thomas A Green
were appointed, and then James said he thought it
best not to have any that [were on] had been named
on his case and when the clerk said he was ready for
names I named Henry Mott [but s] which in ordernary [sic]
times would not have been thought quick but as [it]
many are wa^t^ching with a jealous eye, the rest of the
committee George P Titus Edward S Willets Henry Coles
Robert Willets David Seaman Jacob Kirby Jacob
Jackson Isaac Willets John C Merritt Silas Carle and
James Haviland haveing [sic] been objected to Thomas Whitson
Samuel Legget William T Post William Titus John W
Bown and Thomas A Green The committees both meet
the same evening and James’s aga^i^n  the next morning
but did not come   a report they expect to meet again
the evening before the next Q meeting how they will
deside [sic] is some uncertain from what we learn Isaac com
mittee seemed rather favourable but how they will
stand when they meet again is verry [sic] uncertain  James’s
committee we herd [sic] could of got alond [sic] verry [sic] well
if [fr] it had not been for Henry Mott and John
C Merritt, James Haviland objected to J. C Merritt
name said he was a prominent member of the
association that had given a judgement in the case
but the [committee] meeting verry [sic] willing to leave
the subject and let John’s name stand. Benjamin
Albertson died verry [sic] sudenly [sic] week before last he
went to the Iverson place to water some cattle
not comeing [sic] back as they expected they went to
look for him found him lying on his back near
the barn haveing [sic] [sea]sceased [sic] to breath [sic] [was] his friends
and neighbours were invited to attend the funeral
on first day corps [sic] carried in the meeting house a very
large meeting after meeting some of the children
were so [an]uneasy the body was not buried their [sic]
being so little change he was kept untill [sic] 3 day evening
in the meeting house some persons staying their [sic] all
the time and then buried. Joseph Higbie was buried
last 6 day been sick about a week. A Son of
George Coles on first day last was also buried

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Jonathan Clement ^wife^ was buried yesterday and to day Samuel
Parsons who we are informed had entirely lost his
reason and also another funeral at our meeting house
to day. To return to the appeal cases Samuel Mott
excused himself and tryed [sic] exeedingly [sic] to have his name
left off but friends held on to him, he had been very
careful to not committ [sic] himself, I think he will
have to come out now,  And on the right side
too I expect,  Isaac Rushmore and William Willets
both excused themselves said they were members of
the association, but a number thought friends had
better let their names stand. We hear Samuel J
Underhill has brought the Jericho friends all over
to his views but how it is I do not know. if he has
Uncle David and uncle Jacob must have change [sic] their
views for we hear that they were for reversing
the judgment of the monthly meeting
Rachel Hicks has a mi^n^ute to visit the inhabitants
[of] or some of them of Long Island she is now gone
in company with S Carle and W T Cook to the west
has invited John and Mary Willis to go east with her
M we hear seems willing but John appears not
quite ready she mises [sic] J Rushmore and William
Willets if eather [sic] of them goes it will not be
a willing offering I think. It seems to be old
orthodox times over again with us. Rachels commu=
nications has nearly all had some kind of a bearing
on us for the last two years, [eather [sic] a] how wonderfully
changed from former times. but she says she was doing things
in her one [sic will then. I think she is doing things in her [one]
own will [now] quite as much now, for we have no more
everdence [sic] of her purity of life, and if she has been
at work all this time in her own will I think
it a sad case indeed, Uncle John has very much recuverd [sic]
his health although he seems a good deal more
careful of him self than before his sickness. [/?]
Aunt Sarah has been here this afternoon she seems
smart for her although she has many cares on her
now only an Irish woman to help her Aunt Rachel
prety [sic] smart seems to be against us in feeling very much
although she say nothing on the subject in our preasents [sic]
Rachel [illegible] Jr very intermate [sic] their [sic]

[Page 4, the remaining side of the 4-sided sheet, is transcribed as letter #570,
by Joseph Post’s wife, Mary Robbins Post.]

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