Post, Mary Robbins. Letter to Isaac Post.


Handwritten letter from Mary Robbins Post to Isaac Post, November 23, 1841.


November 23, 1841

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[This letter, #570, is written by Mary Robbins Post, written on the fourth side of letter #571 by her husband , Joseph Post.]

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Joseph has left this blank and as he is going to New York and has some
preparation to make he may not have time to fill it so I will scribble
on tho [sic] you will probably hear it or some kind of a version of the
story I do not fancy these different story s [sic] of one thing much  Our M M
was last week at which we had the company of Jacob L Mott and George
F. White  Jacob has [gone] taken a stand I hoped he would not the whole
bearing of his communications was to keep alone and not be mixing
in the philanthropic associations of the day  George responded to it of
course compared them to the offerings of Cain and then spoke of some
of us who took advantage of the necessitys [sic] of the poor when labour was very scarce
and they almost suffering from hunger and cold we would then give them
less than was right depriving them of a few pence grinding the faces of the poor
and then join an antislavery society and declaim against slaveholders which
was a greater abomination to God than that which proceeded from the open
mouth of the bottomless pit  at ours and also at Jericho he spoke very
strongly against the foolish deistical unitarian  nonsencical [sic] doctrine of
a general law and held up the idea that what ever is is right he said
Is there any evil in the city and the Lord hath not done it” he brought
it down to individuals, and sneered at the antislavery society s
presuming to judge what was right as though the Almighty
needed any assistance from poor finite mortals he said
that a christian [sic] ought continually to seek for rest and not
be looking out for objects to act on &c &c Mary Powell said a
few words which was in substance that a christian [sic] had ought to
do a great deal and say but little  Henry Willis said it was
the greatest sermon she had ever preached Timothy spoke excell
-ently after George at our meeting  he generally speaks well does not
seem to be excited  Jacob L attended the funeral of Joseph Higbie said
a great deal and very excellently too no fault to find it seemed to
be really Jacob again  he had notice given of his being at Matinec[ock?]
first day and Cow Neck in the afternoon he had no minute  I have
asked some of our friends how that will do when it is so
contrary to order to give notice except the friend has a minute
they try to say that was in the case of friends from other yearly
meetings but they are bothered to make all look right
  Elias and Mary purpose accomplishing their intentions the 2
of 12th month so that we are very much engaged just now we
do not expect to do a great deal or to have a very large compa
ny they do not desire either  I suppose of course some one will
be offended as that is a matter of course  I should be glad if you
were in the vicinity I suppose it is almost too late to invite you now
George F did not appoint I beleive [sic] more than two meetings while out

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