Gibson, Olive ?. Letter to Amy Kirby ? Post.


Handwritten letter from Olive ? Gibson to Amy Kirby ? Post, February 21, 1866.


February 21, 1866

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                         Granger Feb 21, 1866

My Dear Sister Post
                                 Perhaps I am
forgotten by you having so many
friends standing so much nearer than
I, that I am in the shade, but with
me it is far different, I have but
a limited acquaintance, so that you
& your kindnesse [sic] tow^ards^ me often causes
love & gratitud [sic] to flow in my mind
to you. I shoul [sic] like to know how
spiritualism prospers with you.
      I have heard of late that Mr
Thomas Cook is in Rochester, please
tell us what he is doing & what your
views are in regard to him.
            Now for a little business
matter_ I have a Firkin of Butter
some 60 or 70 weight, I think I can
recommend it to be prime. I though^t^
perhaps you might want it, or
part of it for your own use _
Please write & let us know what
Butter is & what Sugar & tea are
if not to [sic] much trouble & whether
I shall send it to you or not.
            If I send it you need not
send me any pay till you get
word from me again, Please write
without delay, so that we can
send it or dispose of it otherwise
if you should not want it
     Our love to you & your family
              Respectfully Yours
                                       Olive Gipson

[Reverse side of letter is written by Sarah Linsley, transcribed as letter 1541]

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Gibson, Olive
Post, Amy Kirby, b. 1802
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Gibson, Olive, “Gibson, Olive ?. Letter to Amy Kirby ? Post.,” Post Family Papers Project, accessed December 10, 2018,