Linsley, Sarah. Letter to Amy Kirby Post.


Handwritten letter from Sarah Linsley to Amy Kirby Post, February 21, 1866.


February 21, 1866

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Dear Sister
                    I have been pening [sic]
a few lines to you for sister Olive &
as there is a little room left I will
write t you a few lines, I think I
have written to you twice since
you have to me, but that matter^s^
not, perhaps you have not rec'd
them, or if if [sic] so I am well aware
that your time is filled up with
cares & company so that it is many
times difficult to find time to wri^te^
even a few lines to a friend.
  If you can write me a few lines
when you reply to Mrs. Gipson plea^se^
do so_ you probably have heard of
my little Ange's departure to her
spirit home, It was a sudden &
unexpected event to me, I miss
her very much but would not
wish her back for I feel that she
is better off, she comes to me & says
she is happy & does not wish to
return, she took cold & the result
was Inflamitory [sic] rheumatism, she
became helpless, it reached her hear^t^
she became delirious & died after
a shot sickness of only 12 days
& I will tell you more at some
future time, I hope to see you
sometime in the course of the spr^ing^
or summer, , The butter I think
you will find extremely good if you
should take it.  Yours fraternaly [sic] &
in great haste_   Sarah Linsley

[Reverse side of letter is written by Olive Gipson, transcribed as letter 1540]

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Linsley, Sarah
Post, Amy Kirby, b. 1802
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Linsley, Sarah, “Linsley, Sarah. Letter to Amy Kirby Post.,” Post Family Papers Project, accessed December 10, 2018,