Thayer, Sarah E ?. Letter to Amy Kirby Post.


Handwritten letter from Sarah E ? Thayer to Amy Kirby Post, July 31, 1856?



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                                 Grand Blanc July 31t

       Dear Sister Amy,
                                                    The reception of your
so gratefully received, and so full of interest would
have receivd [sic] an earlier answer.- but I conclu_
ded that your duties after your return from
the anniversary and home visit that you would
have a reasonable excuse for not answering [illegible]
very promptly is I did write. although I
I [sic] am very anxious to hear all particulars of
your, no doubt, most pleasurable trip_ When
you mention that you and your "good
Isaac" was going, and wishing me to enjoy
it with you, I was quite inspired with the
wish that I had ^an^ Abram, Isaac or a Jacob if
they should happen (as queen Elizabeth said)
not to be a "tyrant instead of an husband,"
who heartily adopted the principles of equal
right._ and since you Madam perform the
marriage ceremony with so much dignity
I hope to give you the benefit of my marriage
fee_ as you will have all the business to do,
I presume you will conclude that it is fully

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earned _   Why didnt you perform the
ceremony for Mrs [Morney?]? I am
glad when any one is married if they are
happy in the union _ Mrs Bushnell
recently wrote me that she was happy in her
new relation. am glad to hear it likewise
that they are obliged to open their mouths for
the oppress [sic]_ Thy ]sic] sent me a paper containing his
speech at Syracuse _ Why would he not make
a good Agent of the society? I am sure it
would be of more importane [sic] than his
his [sic] main business, Elocution _ It seem as
if all the noblest powers of man should now
be brought into the great and most important
field of action, and is it not a matter of
astonishment, that, literally, all the greatest
minds of the age, are engaged in in [sic] this
national warfare against oppression?
    Wilsons speech at Philadelphia pleased me
exceedingly, and was at a loss to know whether
he would keep his "powder dry" on all occasions
 That "pure minded" Chase, as Parker calls him
should he be successful in his nomination
will he continue even unto the end, the
upright course? May a mighty host of angels
guard and keep him and all others who

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    are attempting to face southern Oligarchy
                     I was gratified and amused to
hear that some of your great ones was just
rubbing their eys [sic], to get them opend [sic] to see
a simple naked truth that they have pined [sic]
their faith upon from childhood. I
hope the medium that Seward has married
will shake that Gould family and others of
the same stamp, till ^it^ will make them stand
agast [sic] at their sectarian bigotry_ Various are
the influences to show the hollowness of the
churches_ A friend from LeRoy preached here
last sunday, on the subjects of Home Missions:
showing how much civilization and every
reform was indebted to the ministry _ I atten,
ded (half day the first since early in the spring)
on our way home challenge him with an
incorrect statement) and he declared that
the ministry were in favor of all reforms.
that Antislavery and temperance they were
unanimous in their voice in its favor
and doing as fast as was practicable to rem_
ove all obstructions in their midst"_ and I
thought then, there would be but little left.
   Seems strange that men of great talents can
be so blinded to the most apparent falsities

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How does all things progress among you?
are your circles yet continued and
wth more interest?   How is our friend
Mrs Coleman? I hope her health is restord [sic]
as she is a valuable woman_    And how
does Frederick and Anna appear by this
time?  As thy [sic] surely must repent by this
time_ I plainly saw him in his remark
at the anniversary_    Does Julia keep up her
sewing society? and her head likewise?
          My mother has been again very
low, not expecting her to remain with us
but a few days longer at most_ as long ago as
April_ is now able to walk about a little_ had
a precious visit from my sister [Longyor?],
as she came without her husband _
 Oh how much I do desire to see you and
other dear friends in R.  My spirits are at
a lower ebb this season than ever before. Con
stant confinement & no vent of feeling is too
great a pressure upon feelings for health or
pleasure_ Has Lemira returnd [sic], & happy? Abigail
has not written me since March - I think is happier
than formerly_ has Sarah B recovrd [sic] & is D & I. doing a
good business? my kind regards to them & to your Isaac,
& family & your other friends whom I love) let me
have a talk as soon as convenent [sic] as Ever in Love Sarah

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Thayer, Sarah E.
Post, Amy Kirby, b. 1802
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