Post, Joseph. Letter to Isaac Post.


Handwritten letter from Joseph Post to Isaac Post, June 7, 1840.


June 7, 1840

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                             Westbury 6th month 7th 1840

     Dear Realative [sic]

                              As Mary has been giveing [sic] you an account
of our ^the^ yearly meeting I will just add that in our meeting
the slavery subject was discust [sic] nearly two setings [sic] it
was intreduced [sic] by Samuel Huse but there appeared a
disposition to get rid of the subjection and prevent
discussion next day Samuel proposed that a committee
be appointed to take the subject up as the Indian
committee have done. when the same disposition
appeared to hush the subject up as the day before
which the opposes had nearly accomplished when
Stephen Week rose and said he had not spoke in this
meeting before but he had been pained to see the
meeting so disposed to put a gag on this subject which
had such an effect on the meeting that their was a
pretty unanamours [sic] voice for a committee at one time
but finely resulted in leaving ^the^ subject . on 3 day evening
the friend that met at S Marshalls adjourned to meet
the next evening in Rose St meeting house information
was given in meeting, but friends meet on geting [sic] to
the meeting house found the it locked and the key
could not be found nor the man that had it so
we went to S Marshal again, about 60 their some
^a few^ went for information and some few for curiosity if we
could have had the meeting many more would have
attended but on find the house fast went home

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I was at New York yesterday I Hopper said Robert Hicks
in the monthly meeting, ask wether [sic] it was expected that 
the trustees let friends yearly meeting time have this
house for other than the yearly meeting and its committee
N. Comstack said the yearly meeting had a right to the
house and that friend had a right to meet in at on
that week for any of its testimonies and that one of
the houses ought to be kept open duering [sic] the
week, and if they had not the right common ought
out of courtesy they ought to have it, and a number
of others regrets the house being locked,
as it has appeared R. H and one or two others gave such
directions. Joseph Hick says our folks done verry [sic] wrong
in fasting the house for it would make more aboli
=tions than to had the house. I was in new antislavery office
and their [sic] was introduced to James C Jackson he I invited
him to come and see us, he ask if I could not get some
subscribers for the new paper. I told him their [sic] was but
few that felt much interest for antislavery about here
which seemed to have the effect on him. (as it does on our
preachers to tell them of some place were [sic] friends have not
been) he thought he should come. We here that Wme
Basset of Lynn has been disowned for joining with others
or principles for that. in antislavery and non-resistance
and we don’t know but our turn may come next our
friends seem to feel verry [sic] great opposition or some of them

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I have seen verry [sic] little of H Post since his return beleive [sic]
he is much pleased with his visit . undersood [sic] that he said
when in New York on his return that if he was a going to buy
a farm it would not be on long Island but on geting [sic] home
things had improved so that he felt verry [sic] different I think
from what he expected his mother got in verry [sic] great hurry
for him to get home sent for him . and looked for him
a week before he did arrive and if she got him home she should
not let him go again . Buisness [sic] seems verry [sic] different from
what it did a few years ago especially in the farmers line
produce generally much reduced full one third from last
years while manure nearly as high I have been geting [sic] 80
loads of barillashes [sic] which cost 10/6 at the rail road Westbury
we have had a more forward spring than for some years our
preasent [sic] growing crops generally look well grass crops in
particular will probably be abundant as we had heavy
rains last week and now raining , Jane Baldwin is keeping
school for our orthodox friends she seems like a verry [sic] interesting
girl she William Titus speaks in verry [sic] high terms of her
in every respect Cousin Jemima Keese and daughter Jemima
came on the Island about 2 weeks before the yearly meeting
visited the meeting and some meetings along south as far
as Islip also some familys [sic] at Jerusalem we carriaded [sic] them
to Matinecock Jane went with us and in the afternoon
attend the funeral of Daniel Mudge both places Cousin
J said considerable and verry [sic] good . Jane said she had wanted
to here [sic] her aunt verry [sic] much and though she was a verry [sic]
good preacher did not see how any body [sic] could find any falt [sic]
with what she said. Jane boards at Marys

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our Orthodox friends have had a great flow of visiters [sic] of late
a number of appointed meetings 4th day afternoon and other days
besides strangers I believe at all their regular meetings
Isaac Rushmore folks are geting [sic] along verry [sic] forward with their
building will proberly [sic] get it done before hay time they seem
to think they must confine themselves verry [sic] much I am afraid
more than is best                 Affectionatily [sic]     Joseph Post

[Text in bottom margin, written upside down]

I received the New Genesee Farmer 5 numbers 2 of numbers 3
and none of 4 wither they was sent from Rochester I mean
thee or EPW I have not had any information


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