Jackson, James Caleb. Letter to Isaac Post.


Handwritten letter from James Caleb Jackson to Isaac Post, December 28, 1840.


December 28, 1840

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                                                Farmington December 28 1840
Isaac & Amy Post
                   My dear friends
                                                You were speaking to me about Clothes
while at your house. I had no time to designate what I wanted most -- except
in the Case of an Over Coat. – Through your Kindness I was this morning
informed by Lewis Burtis that in that respect I was to be provided for
and was measured. For all this I am grateful, truly so. Now I will not
assume any false modesty in this matter, but will tell you what I want,
and if any friends about you, are willing to help me I shall be exceedingly
glad. I am poor having no property but a house worth 500 dollars,
and what I get from my friends as I go about. Those who will not
give me money may feel disposed perhaps to help me in Clothing
which to the extent of my necessities is just as good as money. “I
want money only as an object,” is not my motto. I want money
only as a means. If then, Amy you can find any one that will
aid I shall be extremely glad of Two good flannel night gowns
I do not mean Shirts – but long gowns that will come down over
my feet. I take cold so easily that I suffer much from getting into
beds not well aired. I took cold last Evening. I was so wet
that I laid cold all night. Now I want these to act as Night
Shirts. If any can help me, well. It would protect me much.
I do not mean that you should do this. But I did not Know
that some one or more of those who are “waking up,” might feel
willing to aid me in the matter of Clothing which I essentially
need. One thing more I want. I want a stout pair of pantaloons
I would not care, yea. I should like them all the better if they were
made of “Hard Times.” The only pair of Pantaloons ^I have^ is the one I
wear, that are not absolutely indecent – If any can furnish me
with the “raw material” I will get them made.
                    Any thing else in the Shape of under clothing will
not come amiss. Now do not go to any expense yourselves about
it Your Kindness already to me is sufficiently manifested but as I
want these things & you told me to tell you what I wanted I have
done so.      The hours I have spent with you will long
be remembered. We shall be in Rochester one week from to night
at Lewis Burtis as we have promised him. Come up & see us –
                                                Ever Yours Jas C. Jackson
Love to Jeffereys and Edmund

          & all friends          

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Was it not a good meeting that we had last night? It did my
soul good. I hope that I shall be able to come to Rochester and
speak again. So not be caught in the Third Party scheme –
any of you. It is a most miserable concern. philosophically
considered – – –
Farewell Love to all again
Yours affectionately though in great
                                                         J.C. Jackson

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Isaac & Amy Post
          Monroe County N.Y.
per the Kindness of
P. D. Hathaway –

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