Carpenter, Phebe K. Letter to Sarah L Kirby Hallowell Willis.


Handwritten letter from Phebe K Carpenter to Sarah L Kirby Hallowell Willis, September 17, 1840.


September 17, 1840

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                             Pleasant Valley 9th Mo 17th 1840

          Hearing of an opportunity to send to Rochester, and
agreeable to my dear Sarah’s request concluded I would convey
a few lines and inform of my health, I continue quite
feeble yet, several weeks since I began to ride out eve^r^y day when
the weather would admit which improved my health so much
that we went up to Daniel Carpenters (which is ten miles
from this) with but little fatigue and enjoyed my Visit but
on our return the weather proved rather unfavourable was more
unwell but in a few days so as to ride out again a week
ago from to day we went to Poughkeepsie got the money without
any difficulty and thou may inform Isaac I have endorsed 50$
on the Note, ^for Interest^  Last first day I attended Meeting sat the mg very
comfortably after we got dinner rode up to David Ketcham to see
Rebecca she came that morning from over the river her brother
James with her. they made a very short stay returned to
her brothers that night took David and Martha & all the Children
with them Margaret too she has been staying with them some time and
I think its probable she may stay all winter as Martha continue
very feeble and can do but a little, which is the case with
myself it does not fatigue me to ride but can do but a little
except walk around and wait upon myself which is a satis=
=faction that I can do that, but am in hopes that I shall be
able to do more e’re long.  David Ketcham puting [sic] up an addition
to his house, Martha Margaret & the children have got to stay a
week or two at Jame’s [sic].  I received a letter from Lydia by Rebecca
saying Dr Seaman was then up and they were endeavouring to fix

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or form some plan what will be best for them to persue [sic] relative
to their settling, she says it has been proposed for them to sell
the farm and make Jame’s [sic] house convenient for their accommodation
which look’s most pleasant to her of any proposition and she
believes to her Father and the rest of the family her Mother
seems willing [her seems willing] to do what is thought best
by the rest of them.  Lydia’s letter was wrote week ago yesterday
she states that Joseph Willets daughter Rachel (wife of Joshua
Brown) was to be buried that afternoon at Brooklyn died at her
Father in laws at Peakskill [sic] in resignation which must be a satis-
faction to her friends, thus we see many leaving this world which
loudly calls for the rest of us to be also ready. Elijah & Amy attend-
=ed our Monthly Mg yesterday held this month at Oswego they said
it was very small occasioned by many being sick and others having
them ^to^ nurse been quite sickly there for some time, many deaths some
very sick ^now^ not expected to recover, there has been several sick in the
Valley it is supposed with the same complaint it has been called
Billious [sic] fever, but the Doctors now give it another name, but what I
do not know.  Caleb Barker & Rachel not there last sixth day they went
out on a visit when they set off to come home the horse took a fright
Caleb was holding him by the head but could not, so he got hurt con=
=siderably himself throu[gh]ed [sic] Rachel out the waggon [sic] hurt her very
much but her friends think she will recover.
          It was truly a Cordial to me to receive a joint communication
from thee and thy dear Sister was very glad to hear of Amy’s recovery
hope e’re this she she [sic] has got quite well, being so feeble myself I
have truly sympathized with her I think she ought to be very careful
for sometimes a little over exertion brings on a relapse, and it was very
pleasant to hear from out Scipio friends it had been a long time I
had nothing from them  poor Cousin Phebe Loines it must have been very
trying to her to be entirely blind she had been so active.  Jemima Thorn

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Sammy Thorn’s Mother at Ninepartners (perhaps Isaac knew her) buried
last seventh day aged 98, last Spring Quarterly Mg time we were there
and saw her she then appeared smart retained her faculties remarkably
set up and knit most of the time said she should be very lonely
without her kniting [sic] work. I have never heard any thing from John
Barrow and his family and Cousin Sarah Prior since they moved out
to Skneatlas [sic] how they are geting [sic] along, should any of you make
a visit at Skneatlas [sic] I hope you will call and see them.
          You enquired why we did not visit you this summer, it was menti=
=oned in the spring, my S thought it a long road for us to undertake
he thought it not best, should we live until another spring and
be favoured with health I cannot tell what we shall do, but it
would be very pleasant to me (if health and strength is afforded
us) to attend Genesee Yearly Mg and visit our friends in those parts
you in particular. Whenever you come down it would be very
pleasant to us to have a Visit from all of you, and could we
know when to meet you at Po’keepsie landing it would be a pleasure
to do it, neither of you mentioned when you thought of com[ing].

Have you heard that Deborah Kirby is married to a young man [in]
the neighbourhood quite inferior to her in family – it is said they
were married four months before her parents knew it – Henry heard
it at Sawpits came home told his Father who asked her if true
she said it was and H turned her immediately out doors she
then went to his Fathers a poor man living near, without doubt a
sore tryal [sic] to them. Samuel some complaining with a cold a
few days past but is better to day he joins in much love to
you all as if named.  must conclude and bid farewell
                             Affectionately thy Aunt PK Carpenter
As Isaac has lived so much longer in Rochester than Jefferies I direct
this letter to Isaac thinking he will be best known

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I expect this letter will go by Stephen Holmes who calculates to set off for
Rochester day after to morrow that is if he goes past here he lives several miles
from this, if so and thee gets this in season thou can write back by him, it is very
pleasant to hear from you often

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Isaac Post
For Sarah L Hallowell

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