Carpenter, Phebe K. Letter to Isaac Post.


Handwritten letter from Phebe K Carpenter to Isaac Post, November 11, 1840.


November 11, 1840

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                   Pleasant Valley 8th Mo 11th 1840
          My dear Isaac & Amy
                                                It seems like a long
time since hearing any thing very particular from you
only that you had a little Matilda and that thee dear
Amy was not very well, I have felt anxious to hear
particularly from thee again, last Spring I antisipated [sic] on
seeing you at our dwelling expecting you would go to
Long Island and call here on going down I looked until
a few days before the Yearly Mg then concluded might
as well give it up tho’ reluctantly for you have felt
very near and dear to me, and dear Sarah & Jefferies too
should rejoice to see them too, I cannot think you wanted
to see me as much as I have wanted to see you should
any of you pass ^again^ without calling, well this brings to
memory our beloved Prisscilla when have you heard from
her its [sic] a long time since I have heard any thing from
Indianna [sic] I should not know where to direct a letter to
her should I write, I think she enjoyed herself much
when in your parts altho’ feeble in body, let her alotment [sic]
be what it may she appeared to bear above it to astonishment
I can hardly realize it, to believe we shall never be permited [sic]
to meet with her again. Indeed it would be very pleasant
to mingle with you all again as formerly, if not may we
crave to be admited [sic] to greet one another in the relmns [sic] above.
          I attended Yearly Mg and thought it a comfortable one, espect [sic]
you have heard all the particulars that it will be needless for
me to reherse [sic] them, should like to hear the particulars respect-
=ing yours, suppose some of you attended. Brother David & Sister
Sarah left here last seventh day Sister staid [sic] with us a week David
went to our Quarterly Mg held at Oblong   Jacob L Mott there
had much for them, had a large Mg and a good one brother David
thought, he appeared to enjoy his jaunt very much and indeed
it was quite a treat for me to have them, but I should enjoyed it
much more had my health been good, have had a turn of the

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of the [Tresipilus?] have got clear of that complaint but
continue very feeble and very easy to take cold dont
know what the event will be, cannot bear any exposure to
the air but sit up ^know [sic]^ most of the day, have been confined
to the house four or five weeks but not to my bed but a
few days. You have [doubt] undoubtly [sic] heard the loss brother
& Sister have met with a very sore trial but I think they bear
it with much fortitude. Lydia seems rather feeble this summer
particularly in the morning.  Samuel & Mary Underhill attended our
Quarterly Mg when they got to Ninepartners Sammy was taken quite
unwell so they went on for home immediately. Perhaps you have heard
that Amy Laurence was very sick she still continues so suppose
not much probability of her recovery altho’ they think her rather
gaining but cannot raise her head from the pillow,
          Have you heard that Elizabeth Newport has been visiting fa=
milies on Long Island an arduous labour and Lydia says it
really seems that she has the spirit of discerning superior
to any other person I believe she told them some very
plain truths. Samuel is out to day assisting our people about
their threshing they have a threshing machine he is their
driver he has been in and says must give a great deal
of Love to you all for he loves you much he has appeared
very desirous to see you here as well as myself. I should
like to hear from your Uncle Henry’s Family please present my
love to them all and Sammy Post & wife, Fanny Frost & Phebe
also, If Isaac would please send my Interest money in
the way he did last summer it will suit me to have
it. I hope you are favoured with a suitable school for Mary
and the boys to go to yet.  believe I have written as much
as is best for me at present, we have company too, my Samuels
Son Isaac & Deborah Carpenter from Palmyra, one of Augustine
Baright’s sons are here too this letter will go by some of them
must conclude in much love to you both and Mary, Jacob, and
Joseph  I suppose he does not remember me so farewell
                                                Affectionately yours P K Carpenter

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P.S.   My Samuel thinks it will be the best plan to
send the Interest by draft on New York bank.
Please present much love to Jefferies & Sarah also  I
thought inc^l^uded them before. Ah my love is to all enquiring

          Seventh day 10th of the Mo  I expected my letter to
have gone last fourth day but now it appears they are
undetermined when they shall leave that my S thinks it
had better be put in the Office.
  It appears that I am gaining slowly   but remain weak
and feeble yet.   A man by the name of Hatch tavern
keeper in Po’keepsie [sic] was killed instantly by lightening [sic] he
was siting [sic] on the Stoop and two others with him, the
other two felt it considerably but are like to recover, it was
last fourth day in a heavy shower of rain. I wish my [obliterated]
was worth money

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                                      Isaac Post
POUGHKEEPSIE                   Rochester
AUG                                        NY

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I Post
          Isaac Post

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