Post, Mary Kirby and Joseph Post. Letter to Isaac Post.


Handwritten letter from Mary Kirby Post and Joseph Post to Isaac Post, April 5, 184-.



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[This letter. #530 by Joseph Post, was enclosed with #530 by Mary Robbins Post.]

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Mary has ^filled^ [s]her paper and invites me to put a peice [sic] inside but
but some how I seem to be very  poor for idea^a^s [sic] just now
I have enquired of I Rushmore about rece^i^eving a part of his
money at once, he says he is willing to and would suit him
as he expects to pay I. Willets this spring. Stephen say[sic] his
^demand^ was 800$ that he has received 200$ of the principle [sic]
your first letter came to ^hand^ about 2 months after it was mailed
and the last one we received was 3 weeks in reaching
us. Our Post office name is North Hempstead Queens Co
^they were directed right^ Our meeting to day small, and seems likely to decr^e^ase
rather than increase. [unless] I think some of our preachers
seems to be in much the same spiret, [sic] that they accuse
the preists [sic] to be of, they try very much to bring things
about to suit themselves. Rachel was not at meeting. I
suppose she was at New York on her way to Cornwell [sic]
Quarterly meeting.  as this quarter is to be decided the
fate of Marlbourer [sic] monthly meeting.  I think that
some of the friends trys [sic] as hard to carry their points, as
the preist [sic] does to get his views established for the sake of
the pay. We had quit [sic] a concern got up in our last monthly
meeting respecting those that marry one not a member so much so
that a committee was appointed to see if they could not propose
some change. it so happened that I was named the first thought
was to have nothing to do with it but concluded to meet with
them, we met and spent one afternoon and did not agree and conclu
=ded to meet again. I then proposed a change to shorten the
time something as yours is. (I say yours) because we ought to be one)

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and that the meeting should take the same care where one
was a member as they do were [sic] both are members but it was
not agreed to there was several changes proposed but we
could not agree to propose any change.  I have been with hay
to the City a number of times of late it comes a little hard
as I have been so little for several years.  it sells better than
sometimes from 7 to 8 shillings per [Curt?]  but not as high as some expected
I think we have [heared] heard that I. Willis thought some of not
comming [sic] home this spring.  we think he had ^better^ come this
summer at least.  His Father Brother and Sister seem verry [sic]
desirous for him to come.  If Julia is well enough we want
her to come without fail even if not strong it may be of use
to her yes do encourage her we shall be very glad to
welcome her     The spring is backward but the grass
begins to look quite green around the door and violets are
springing up in their beauty to gladden the heart by their
cheering presence this is indeed a beautiful earth and there is
much to make it so and that heart must be cold indeed that
does not appreciate it    Aunt Rachel pretty much as common
uncle Robert continues to have those turns occasionally   Edmund
and Martha moved up on their place about a month ago since
which they have a further addition to their family of a son
            Phebe Johnson expects to go in Pennsylvania how long she
will stay I do not know the woman that you saw at Isaacs has
left there since which she has got married they kept the little boy
sometime but have carried him to his mother lately which I
think is best for them at least   I want you to write oftener it is
very pleasant to hear from you   With love to all the family connect^ions^
as if named we are as every yours affectionately   Joseph and Mary

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Post, Joseph W.
Post, Isaac, 1798-1872
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