Kirby, Mary R. Letter to Sarah L. Kirby Hallowell Willis.


Handwritten letter from Mary R. Kirby to Sarah L. Kirby Hallowell Willis, [184?-05-20].



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fifth day morn
dear Sarah                       20 of 5 month
yesterday fa[r]ther & I spent mostly with Robert &
Mary Willets we found them comfortable thro [sic] he had
several turns lately           when we got home we found our
friends Rebeckah, Kecthem & Phebe Hallowell at the tea
table with little John  Thomas accompanyd [sic] them to Munt
eral [Montreal?] I think they left their [sic] on the 9th and arived [sic] and arived [sic]
at NY the 13 and met her father & Mother their [sic] attending
the Convention she looks well & left Thomas so –
the women her company staid [sic] a day or two at her fathers
then on the cars to the east  I deliverd [sic] thy love to her
she met with quite a loss of a large Carpet bag of the
childs cloths most all with some of hers – the Captain much
troubld [sic] abut [sic] it and thought may be he could find it
& would send it by the Express she sais [sic] he is liable for it
Edmund and M R setted [sic] up all their fathers affairs
with [t][his?] other children  they left here yesterdy [sic] morng [sic]
All to satisfaction   J & E Moot also here at the tim [sic]
all perty [sic] well   I am very sorry we mist [sic] of seeing
EPW by hope to have a peap [sic] at him this morng [sic]
I here [sic] Amy has been more poorly after she wrote hope
to here [sic] again soon. father & I attended on second day the
funeral of Cousin George Hewlett when Whited Hick & John
Plumer spoke well.

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[Text upside down]

I am looking for E P every minute      it is very dry
wether [sic] here    I doe [sic] feel often times much for you and
Joseph         do try to subject to little one in early time
to submition [sic]   my love is to all & come when it seams [sic]
right            M

[Text in left margin]
Lamps         Large pitcher
Sugar           tea plates
                   tea pot
                   [squash?] vegetable

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Kirby, Mary R.
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