Kirby, Mary R. Letter to Amy Kirby Post.


Handwritten letter from Mary R. Kirby to Amy Kirby Post, 184-.



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                             3rd day afternoon
My dear Amy
                   I have many times marveld [sic] at thy kind
remmembrance [sic] of us in this way, it seams [sic] as tho [sic] the [sic] never could
let an opportunity slip.  which are always acceptabley [sic] received
Jefferies stept [sic] unlook [sic] for but very welcom [sic], and I feel a unity in
the concern of this Journey. but I suppose its not like to be effected
that is at preasent, [sic] I hope James will continue to think of it. perhaps
this [netter?] business may annswer [sic] – but even if it does they are subject to
perty [sic] great inconvenience, of getting to see their friends and to meeting
its not likely they can much. James calculates to not keep a horse
but they can hire ^one^ sometimes they say, they have a Cow and sell milk  Elizabeth
says her health has been better, but I think she has over much to do, she gets
her washing done, but live in the basement and sleep up two pair of stairs
is unhandy with Children but John is good to go to bed by sun down up
stairs & William sleeps in the Cradel [sic] down he does grow better, they have been
once to see us, – a little over a week past they had an alarming inciden^t^
just by them Benjamin Albertson ownd [sic] land where he had cattle pasttureing [sic]
he walked there to water them and was found by one of his sons, laying dead
on his back, no appearence [sic] of any strugling [sic], this was on fifth day first day
a very large procesion [sic] followd [sic] the corps [sic] to the meeting house, after meeting
the children were not satisfied it should be entered, his limbs remaind [sic] [limp?]
and no change of countenance, tho [sic] they had had a Dr’s judgment in the
case, but strange as was to me. then they left the corps [sic] at the meeting house
with no exertion to restore life or warmth till [sic] third day evening they
felt satisfied with but little allteration [sic] of countenance as I have heard
in the day time  Benjamin Post had the charge – at nights young men went
and sat up – his Wife’s mind quite unsettled

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I think the [sic] will receive the reward of well done administering
to the sick and afflicted    a large share of nursin [sic] you hav [sic] had this fall
I felt very glad to find dear little Matilda was well and growg [sic]
why S Post is a strange cousin I hope his wife will get well   and
that thee and Mary H will be fauvord [sic] with health to hould [sic] out
          We just received a letter from Sister Phebe informing that they are well
and had not heard any thing from you a long time I dont think she has
heard of Matilds [sic] sickness doe [sic] write her                                                                                                                                                  I did to send by David Kechum [sic]
but it got left.         Robert & Abigail Seaman just returnd [sic] for a visit there

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hast thou heard Doctor Richard Udall dececed [sic] the 6 of 10 month aged 89 years
at the same place Hester Willets third daughter of Richard A and Hannah Udall 29 of the month
aged 1 year – Sue just comes to the door [sayerd?] Tomy, and
Williams folks are gone to the funeral of Samuel Parsons
he has been in a low disconsolate state before the Yearly
Meet. declined seeing his friends and felt very poor thought
he should not have a nuff [sic] to carry him thro, [sic]. – but it seems
he is gone – I should like to hear more particular   I dont
know how how Mary will bear it she has been so remarkely [sic]
attacht [sic] to her father.           Anna W W continues smart   Ed been
out to mg several times   W too [sic] smart not one of them been in
her [sic] this sumer [sic]

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Amy Post

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as to the appeal cases it is not known how it will be
desided, [sic] they meet again 4 day eveng [sic] before the next Qarter [sic]
Jacob L Mott and George F White & wife attended our monthly
mettig [sic] acceptably as far as I know    John Plumes daughter
seams [sic] rather on the mend but very slow,    thy father has drove
a number of times to south for hay with a litle [sic] [boy?]  – at flushing we had the
company of Morris Plase from Indiana, & Wife they were well accquanted [sic] with
Parcila [sic] Hunt said she attended the Yealy [sic] M took a lively interes [sic] in its [concrs
g?] said her health was better than it had been for twenty years, they saw her at
her daughters who was poor & sick too – Parcilas flesh much less than it had been
Morris a Minister they said they knew or had knowldg [sic] of I & Amy Post pleasent [sic] friends
Affectonaly [sic] MR

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Kirby, Mary R.
Post, Amy Kirby, b. 1802
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