Fish, Sarah D. Bills. Letter to Amy Kirby Post.


Handwritten letter from Sarah D. Bills Fish to Amy Kirby Post, September 19, 1848.


September 19, 1848

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     Dear Amy since being at your ^house^ the other or I would say
last evening I have felt very uncomfortable about my de-
meanour respecting that magnetism I have felt very sorry
we did not hear that little girl out insted [sic] of interrupting
her I think upon reflection if we had listened to her 'till she
got through we might have come away better satisfied I
believe however it will be a lesson to me to be willing [Ish?]
with patience to take things as they come along and en_
deavor to be profited by them, after I retired I lay revo_
lving in my mind the misterious [sic] workings of Providence
and thinking how many ways thou were how many means
devised whereby we might be edified if we would on
only suffer our spirits to cooperate with the divine
spirit, while thus meditating I became perfectly satisfied
that I had resisted the divine spirit in my own heart
by making light of what that child said and turning
it away because it went against my natural will
my feelings as a mother, and as I seriously came to
this conclusion I found there was a knocking under my
pillow which I before had nto thought of, I then desired
if I was right in my understanding of it, if it came
to comfirm my belief that it was certainly wrong for
me to do and say what I did to make it appear trifiling,
it would manifest it again, after which it commenced

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rapping again for a number of times, I inform thee of
this to shew thee that whatever the rest may think I am
more than convinced of the truth that our departed
freinds are with us striving for our good and my pray-
er is that we may no more be unmindful of these bles-
sings that will if attended to be clearer and more easily
understood, and prove as lights to our pathways through
this dark world of sin, I should say sorrow if I looked
on death as with the dread that I was always taught
to, but blessed be God I have in a great measrue overcome
all those feelings althought I feel as unwilling to part with
my friends I presume as any one.
    I mean [illegible] Isaac              I have also thought much of
you I mean thee and Isaac on Joseph's account I will once more
say, as I have said, hertofore, that I believe your kind persuasion
mild untiring assiduous parental labors will be yet blessed
with a rich golden harvest if you only continue to persevere
even if you see not the immediate effects. with humili-
ation for many commissions and omissions I say, that
I have in a small degree experienced what I feel most sure
you will, in this instance, I mean that of a rich reward
for your unceasing labor of love to lead him to the
path of rectitude, therfore [sic] be not at all discouraged
let patience have its perfect work, it is in this particular
that I have always come short not enough considering
the difference in the age of the mchildren and myself and

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that a few years which would soon roll around would
work a great change which I find to be true in many
instances,  I have been much comforted in many trials by
your kindness and if by impating my feelings as I have
of ten felt on this point I can in the smallest degree contribute to
sooth or alleviate your parental anxieties I shall be most happy
in doing so for I think as long as Parents and children both Stay in
this world there will be more or less of these complexities and I
think after attending faithfully to that which we think to
be our duty it is best to leave the rest to him who careth for the
least of us
                      With an earnest wish for your welfare in temporals
and spirituals I remain thine sincerely
                                                                Sarah D Fish

      Rchester 11th Semptember 1848

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         Amy Post

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