Rushmore, P. Letter to Isaac Post.


Handwritten letter from P. Rushmore to Isaac Post, August 8, 1841.


August 8, 1841

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                             Westbury 8mo 8.  1841.
Dear Uncle and Aunt
                                      The perusal of your sympathetic
letter a few days since received, afforded a soothing balm to our
feelings – and we were comforted even while our “wounds bled
afresh” – But the void remains and tho [sic] time may dry our unavailing
tears it cannot erase from our memory and our affection the image
of her we so justly loved. True, she hath only gone a little before us
and passed the dark bourne which separates the stream from the
fountain, the purified Soul from the source of perfection; and what
is human life, but a scene of change separation and vicissitude?
“Passing away” is inscribed upon every dear object, even our best beloved
and in this we may behold the wisdom of our Creator – that we
may grasp at nothing short of the enduring substance.
Our family are in usual health at present: Edmund seems [obliterated]
er languid and feeble. We see but little of Uncle Josephs family
lately – owing to their multiplied cares and engagements but
beleive [sic] they are well. Grandmother remains at Uncle Henry’s –
and appeared quite comfortable the last time I saw her.
Uncle H’s health seems but imperfectly restored: he is often quite
complaining --- Joseph Thurston is not a member of our family
at present -- he has removed to John Willis’s to pursue his far-
ming operations. – Silas Carle[’s] is nearly restored to health – he
entered the meeting house for the first time in attending dear
Mothers funeral – since which he has continued to go. – ---
                   I perceived after returning home that instead of thy
name the name of Israel was written on the inclosed [sic] certificate
I have corrected the error and thought it might be in thy
power to do the same if necessary. a line from you is always
acceptable. With much love in which Matilda joins. O. Rushmore

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Westbury                                  18¾
Augst [sic] 9          
                   Isaac Post

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