Grover, Peter. Letter to Isaac Post.


Handwritten letter from Peter Grover to Isaac Post, July 3, 1839.


July 3, 1839

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                                      Detroit July 3d 1839

My Friends Isaac & Amy Post

                             After ariving [sic] at this
place about three Oclock this morning I think
it a priveledge [sic] to retire to my room and in-
form you of my journey here, which I, asure [sic]
you has bin [sic] verry [sic] pleasant. Pleasant weather
Good health [and] good and pleasant company I
have injoied [sic] sence [sic] I left you. besides visiting
my father and Mother brothers Sisters met
menny [sic] of my uncles aunts and Cousans [sic] that
I never seen before this week[s]. and I could hard
-ley [sic] tel [sic] the differance [sic] between them and my
fathers famely [sic] as to theair [sic] treatment to me
for thay [sic] all left thair [sic] work to Call on me
and took me to the sulper [sic] spring and the vill-
age near the spring an [sic] show me the situation
of the Country ^round them^ which I must say was verry [sic]
Pleasantly suitated [sic]. my father ^and famely [sic] is^ so mutch [sic] better
suitated [sic] then [sic] I expected to find thim [sic] seam [sic]
to satisfy me for calling on them. Altho [sic] I
rember [sic] the council [sic] of my friends when I left
you at Rochester. but when wee [sic] come to Buffalo

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and could not have the stoves shipped
under three days. Capt Brace thought it
best for me to make my visit as I went
up and I did so, and found them as before
mentched [sic]. I can not tell you enny [sic] thing
about our bisness [sic] yet the stoves has not com [sic]
and Capt Brace has gon [sic] in to the Country
and I do not know when he will return –
   the Steam Boat Bufflo [sic] is coming I [must] ^will^
go and see if the stoves are with ^hur [sic]^. it is just two
Oclock and rains verry [sic] harde [sic]. the stoves
has not com [sic].  but she is loaded with the
Artilery [sic] from Buffalo and the Buffalo gard [sic]
and the colered [sic] Band of Penn which com [sic]
to Celebrate the fourth and I must say that
thay [sic] are making the greatest preperation [sic] for to
celebrate the day that I ever saw. and A short
disscription [sic] of the display of Military thay [sic]
maid [sic] when the boat was coming in or reather [sic]
before thay [sic] landed thay [sic] was met by the Detroit
Brady g^u^ard and the sitty [sic] Band which All
was drest [sic] in uniform. I will try to remember
and write in short as possible after the times
of the day is over not willing to werry ^wearry [sic]^
your patience with to [sic] mutch [sic] of what dos- [sic]
not intereste [sic] you I forbare. [sic] and will return
to what I feel most in my brest [sic] while sett
-ing [sic] in my room and thinking of my

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Situation ^I feel^ as if I had left friends and home
to try A friend unknown and sum [sic] times feel
that he is about to for sake me in a strange
land whare [sic] nothing but money is my friend
this seames [sic] to casts [sic] a dark Cloud over my
broken heart. and them little babes left be-
hind rushes full in my vew [sic] and my hart [sic] fill
[with] and I know not what to say to my frien[d]
-ds for them but Oh the fathely [sic] care I ought
have for them I know feel and can’t do no more
than to invite [them] ^my^ friends to take care of them
till [sic] I return      Captain Brace has just return
from the village of Rochester which is near
twenty miles from this Citty [sic]
                                                [rem to] remember
me to thoes [sic] little Boys tell them whare [sic] I am
and that I am well and want [to] to see them
verry [sic] mutch [sic]   Allso [sic] to Alexander and
Philenda       your own famly [sic] Edmond P. Willis
Mary H. Post Mary Dale & Jacob & Josep [sic] Post
              and All those that inquire after
me or my wellfare [sic]
                             I finish By ascribing
          my good wishes and good feeling
          yours most Obedient

                             Peter Grover

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DETROIT                     [20?]
Mich.           Isaac Post
          Rochester Monroe
                   N York

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