Post, Amy Kirby. Letter to Henry Clayton.


Handwritten letter from Amy Kirby Post to Henry Clayton, February 5, 1839.


February 5, 1839

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                             Rochester 2nd mo 5th 1839
Respected Friend
                             Thy letter of the 22nd of Dec.^r
was received the next day after its date, the conten
-ce [sic] of which – was quite animating to my then
rather drooping spirits, and I have been hoping
thee would not think it necesary [sic] to be so formal
as to wait for a reply before thee wrote again, but
seeing that it is not likely to be the case I again take
up my pen – I possess so small a portion of that happy
faculty thee seems to fancy, females so generally possess,
(that of conversing and writing when, and whatever they
choose) that my letters I very well know must seem very
dull to a fruitful mind but I will try to write in
good humour even if I touch upon the subject of
Abolition.     I hope my letters will not have an
effect to lessen thy good opinion of the talents of my
sex, for I presume there are many who deserve all the
praise the [sic] gave them –
          The first of last month Isaac and I went to Aurora
Skaneateles & Genoa, spent three weeks very delightfully
among our old neighbours [sic] and friends Jeffries Hallowell
and his Sarah seemed very happy and recieved [sic] thy god [sic]
wishes and kisses greatfully [sic], they made us a visit previous

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to [our?] going there.                 Miss Mary Willits came home with
us and Edmund P Willis & Mary H Post set out last seventh
to take her home and make Jeffries & Sarah a visit, soon
after they set off it came on very stormy  I fear they have
had a tedious time, and a silent one I conclude as they are
neither of them very communicative, Miss Willits exceedingly
shy of Edmund, all the time she was here I presume she
never raised her eyes to the upper buton [sic] of his vest, Edmund
was pleased with thy prescriptions, invitation &c but fortuna
-tely for him, his walk to the illumination or something
else has entirely restored him to health if he was here
he would have a message for thee,   our Jacob H Post has
been very sick but has so far recoverd [sic] as to ride out yesterday
Our neighbour Chapin has lost two beautiful children with
scarlet fever and a third lays very ill – and has the [sic] heard that
little Amy P Grover was laid beneath the sod more than a
month ago, they felt it a great trial to part with their only
daughter – Christina’s health is poor – Peters meeting zeal
I think is rather abateing [sic], Elder Goff [h]is now in there churc
-hing Christina for his declention [sic] she disapprooves [sic] of their
baptizeing [sic] their members, &c           -- O I must tell the [sic] of
our invitation to go to England and make a visit, from
John Park – I am quite delighted with it, although hope
scarcely whispers that we shall ever be able to avail ousel
ves [sic] of the pleasure – John Park and family expect to go in
the spring, Mary Dale is undetermined about accompanying
them, her brother advises her to stay, I should be sorry to
losse [sic] her           I have been faithful in

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delivering thy messages of love to the young Ladies, Eliza’s
blushes told what reception she gave them, and the Mary’s
less artless, thank thee – – –
          Thee speaks of thy old complaint’s continuance
and adds (“wait until I see you,” how provoking, when
no one knows when that will be, I think thee had better
not neglet [sic] it until it becomes incurable – as the [sic] hints
that thy beting[sic] has deprived the [sic] of some cash I’ll add that I
give advice and information gratis in such cases       
I hope to give no offence, but if it is convenient for the [sic] to pay
up that account I have against thee for kissing the girls
it would be an accommodation – the times are rather hard
at present, or I would not trouble thee – – –
          We have plenty of snow which I should think
would be rather troublesome in thy business              
Well I must close (I presume with thy full aprobation [sic] as
Jacob wants me to assist him in geting [sic] his geography leson [sic]
and he is puzling [sic] about the scriptures saying there is but
one God, and yet there was one for Abraham one for Isaac
and one for Jacob, and Joseph is insisting there is one for
him too.                          
                   Write soon and tell us all the news, I fear
it will be forgotten if thee waits until thee sees us, unless
thee favours us with a call before spring          fairwell [sic]

                                                thy friend
                                                                   A Post

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Mr Henry Clayton
          Engineers Office
          G.V. Canal
          Geniseo [sic]

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Post, Amy Kirby, b. 1802
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