Willis, Sarah L. Kirby Hallowell. Letter to Amy Kirby Post.


Handwritten letter from Sarah L. Kirby Hallowell Willis to Amy Kirby Post, January 24, 1841. Jefferies Hallowell also contributed to this letter.


January 24, 1841

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(Page 1)

                                    Locus Grove January 24th 1841
Dear Sister
                                    After waiting with great anxiety
            one week for Jeffries he arrived on the 16th
in company with E and M R Kirby who are here yet
visiting among their friends sometimes in company with
us and sometimes [with us] alone. Last first day we all
spent at brother Johns pleasantly and I hope to MRs
satisfaction as there was nothing said upon abolition  Second
day ^eve^ at Samuel J Underhill s where the merrits [sic] of George
F White were dilated upon with much interest by Samuel
who says he George does not deal in any southern flour on
account of his abolition principles thereby depriving himself
of much that would be his  Samuel thinks him a verry [sic]
excellent man. Jeffries and Mary are making great dependence
on hearing him which perhaps we may as we intend to
attend Quarterly Meeting this week and if we hear George
leave for Philadelphia on seventh day if not perhaps we
shall wait untill [sic] second day and attend their meeting on
first day.          Thirday [sic] brother Willet took us to Isaac Hick’s
where we remained untill [sic] fourth day when we attended
monthly meeting and [after] went home with Joseph Post
found aunt Catharine not much different from the time I
saw her before  William and Edward Post were there and
Robert and Abby Seaman  how cousin Robert liked Jeffries
I do not know but they had a pretty stif [sic] argument in
relation to insurance companies which I suppose they
were reminded of by Rachel Hicks who after the business of
the meeting was finished requested to have the partition
unclosed that she might relieve her mind of a heavy
burthen her request was granted and after sitting a few
minutes in silence she arose and said she had been faithful
she should not be obliged to make this request but she
was not in the early part of the meeting and after that
there was no opportunity to express a concern she felt
on a subject so new that she felt it verry [sic] trying to name
it – then a pause and two heavy sighs or groans  then a little
more appology [sic] and finally these insurances [sic] companies that
friends are so much interested about she feared were a
money making scheme. To her it appeard [sic] like placing
to [sic] little trust in our heavenly father  if her dwelling
should be destroyd [sic] a small shed would be sufficient for
her small family but for the sake of her friend if their benev
-olent feelings should prompt them to give her something [to]
she thought she should be willing to receive it and much
more that I cannot reccollect [sic] except she was verry [sic] desirous
that friends should well consider it  . Our folks [fo] have
now returned from meeting with brother Edmund   Matilda
staid [sic] to boil a turkey which she say [sic] she wishes you
were here to help eat and I staid [sic] because I am almost
sick with a cold caught somehow yesterday ‘tho [sic] we are
anticipating a visit to Matthew s this eve I do not feel much
like it but shall try to go. Mary has had a cold but is now
about well. After telling thee how we spent the last of
the week I will stop for Mary and Jeffries
Joseph and Mary brought us to Jericho fifth day dined
at uncle Willetts and took tea at Isaac Willetts in com
pany with E and M Kirby and Willet K  next day
we three went to Henry Willis s and talked abolition
and so on untill [sic] seventh day morn -  dined at John
W and spent the eve at John Ketchams __________

[The rest of Page 2 is written by Sarah’s husband, Jeffries Hallowell.]

I received thy kind forem [sic] befer [sic]
I left Aurora and Mary and
I have settled our matters to satisfaction
Sarah and Mary was very much
disapointed [sic] to think that I did not come
on as they wanted me to   they
said they had about concluded
to start some body after me
and they wanted to no [sic] why I
should ^not^ dew [sic] as it was concluded
I told them I wanted to do
so but Isaac & Amy ^was^ so set I had
to do as they said and they must
lay the blame them       Sarah
says the next time I want thee
to do as I say and not mind
Isaac & Amy I am hear [sic] safe and
we have made 8 visits in seven-day
and are all well             J Hallowell

(Page 3)

[Here Sarah Hallowell resumes writing.]

Well you see Jeffries has soon finished and mary
has run off in tears because I urged her to write I sup
pose too hard   so I will try again tho [sic] I make out so
badly I would like to put it of [sic] upon better hands
Rachel Willis has gone to Westbury to stay with Mary F
quarterly meeting time as Isaac expects to go she was
there when we we [sic] were   Samuel and Stephen Hicks
spent the evening there but did not look at Rachel
once as I saw ‘tho [sic] that might be understood. Matilda
says we may as well consider Rachel gone to Westbu
-ry for good. Sister Elisabeth staid [sic] with us a little
over four weeks and expects to come again after we
return from Pensylvania [sic]   We hear today that aunt
Amy was considered near her end yesterday not expec
ted to live through the day  James came after Stephen
and sent word here have not heard since
at monthly meeting we had the pleasur [sic] of hearing
Edmund Willetts speak for the first time he and
William dined with us at uncle Willets fifth
day both verry [sic] inviting but Elisabeth did not
speak to Mary or I tho [sic] I know she saw us fourth
day we think we shall not go unless she invites
us. When thee writes beshure [sic] and tell how thee is
and write soon    Sarah L Hallowell    love to enquiring

[The rest of Page 3 is by Sarah’s mother, Mary R. Kirby, and is transcribed
separately as #553.]

(Page 4)

[Bottom of page, 2 lines upside down by Sarah:}

Write soon and direct to   G
Gwynedd Montgomery Co

[Address in center of page, running downward]

Jericho N. Y.
Jan 25th

                        Isaac Post
                             N Y

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