Kirby, Mary R. Letter to Amy Kirby Post.


Handwritten letter from Mary R. Kirby to Amy Kirby Post, January 24, 1841.


January 24, 1841

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[This brief letter, #553 by Mary R. Kirby, appears in the lower third of page 3 of #552--- a letter by Mary’s daughter,  Sarah L. Kirby Hallowell (later Willis), and Sarah’s husband, Jeffries Hallowell.]

(Page 3)

                Sarah says now Mother                 I may add truly we have had
a feast indeed with our children dear Mary seams [sic] as one of thee [sic]
same flock, she is an interesting girle [sic] & much admired by us her friends
Sister Esther thinks her much like her mother, I begin to feel the time
is approching [sic] that we must part.      has the [sic] heard my brother David s
farm is to be sold the 9 of 2mo he seams [sic] to be compleetly [sic] reconciled to it
sais [sic] the Children all think it best.  perhaps Robert does not seam [sic] too [sic] quite
as fully as the others, do not know of any one in particular to puchace [sic]
it   David and Sarah has been in NY near 3 weeks visiting, at Brooklin [sic]
too, friends generally well their [sic].       thy father some affected with his back
particular in the morning, but generaly [sic] out days among the sheep
chickings [sic] and hogs &c&c      our love is to you all, children I often think of[f]
it seams [sic] animating to ^her^ Sarah till [sic] now and then of their remembrance [sic] of
us.          they are ready to go        farewell affectinably [sic] thy Mothr [sic] M Kiy

(Page 4)

[Written by Sarah L. (Kirby) Hallowell, upside-down on bottom of page]
write soon and direct to [G]
Gwynedd Montgomery Co

[Text sideways]
Jericho NY                           18
Jan 25th
                Isaac Post

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Kirby, Mary R.
Post, Amy Kirby, b. 1802
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