Hallowell, Sarah L. Kirby Willis. Letter to Amy Kirby Post.


Handwritten letter from Sarah L. Kirby Willis Hallowell to Amy Kirby Post, May 29, 1841.


May 29, 1841

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                                      Rochester 5mo 29th 5 O’clock
Dear Sister
                             As our folks are mostly in bed
yet and it is rather early to commence
baking affairs this is probably a time of leisure
as much as any I shall have today to tell you
we are about ready to see you home as soon as
you feel inclined to come as we have about comp
-leted house cleaning and gardening as far as we
feel competent; the garden is not forward but is
in pretty good order as for the house I cannot praise
that much as some of the white washing is badly
done   Mary Underwood came here yesterday I suppose
will remain a few days you do not tell us any
thing about her mother where she is and how she
behaves. We have read the procedings [sic] of the Antislav
-ery meeting in the Standard some of the resolutions
did not like or approve  Fanny said she should like
to read it but some how we have mislaid it
I believe I have told you that Elihu and E are
boarding at Matthew’s Elisabeth has a verry [sic] bad
cough yet which Elihu says he sometimes fears
[she] will never leave her they have spent one night
with us Anna’s sister Maria has come from
Michigan is sadly disappointed at Williams
absence I suppose you remember her husband
died last fall they talk of going after William
next week with their new four hundred ^dollar^ carriage
and harness Mary U says a few days ago Elihu
went to Matthews with a poor old thing to take
E his wife to C Frosts but she refused going in it
when he returned to tea he told some company
there that his wife had got spunky and would
not ride with him that day so he had been
and bought one for 400$ to see if she would ride
in that. do you take the hint? Jeffries has sold
ours that we have enjoy’d so much, but it is gone
or is to go soon and bob tail is varnished up
quite slick to take its place and ride as nice as
ever as far as I find J says the factory goes on

(Page 2)

finely if his presence has any effect I think it must
for each afternoon is devoted mostly to that so
he can tell you more particular   Thomas boards
at Mrs Bensons and works with Charles Coleman yet
calls here often and spends first days here too
Quak [Quaker?] school is discontinued and after near two
weeks the boys have commenced at the district they
are both verry [sic] well  Mary s teeth trouble her . I feel
worth twice as much as I did when you went away
and guess Jeffries does to [sic] for he seems to have plenty to do
and does not feel condemnation for idleness. I hope
Mary Dale enjoys herself why dont you tell us some
thing about her? breakfast is ready S L Hallowell

[Remainder of Page 2, all of Page 3, and top third of Page 4 are by Sarah’s husband, Jeffries Hallowell, as Letter #560.  This letter, #559 by Sarah, is completed on bottom third of Page 4, below the address.]

(Page 4)

[Penciled note followed by address in center of page, running upward.]

has the charge
of [illegible]

                   Isaac Post
                             Queens Co
                   Long Island NY

[Stamp to left of address:

MAY [30?]

[Text normal, bottom third of page}

Second day morn Jeffries gone off to the market and
while we are waiting for Edmund and William to
get up for breakfast I thought to try to say a little more
but we do not hear any news now scarcely it seems
verry [sic] odd to do all the work ourselves but hope we shall
not be obliged to long. Joel Pound s mother is verry [sic]
ill not expected to live long Emeline has been in town
a few days left yesterday they and Henry s [sic] family make
one as the house did not suit them verry [sic] well for two
families. William delivered thy letter which answered my
question relative to Sarah U.  SLH

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Post, Amy Kirby, b. 1802
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