Hallowell, Jeffries. Letter to Amy Kirby Post.


Handwritten letter from Jeffries Hallowell to to Amy Kirby Post, May 29, 1841.


May 29, 1841

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[This letter, #560 by Jeffries Hallowell, begins in the middle of Page 2 of letter #559 by his wife, Sarah L. Kirby Hallowell.]

(Page 2)

Sarah says that I must begin and say
some thing and I thought the first thing
would be the large mill the [sic] ^is^ erecting
upon Browns raise    they are getting
along nicely and are a going to commence
upon the last story to morrow and
they think that they will have the
roof on by the midle [sic] of next month
I have made a bargan [sic] for the casting
of the shafts at 4¼ cents all to be
paid with Post & Hallowell safety fund
money and I have also agreed with
a man to put them up and I think
they will cost about five hundred
dollars to compleat [sic] the job in order
I have discharged James [Pert?] and
hired a canadian and I think that
he is worth about four of James
althouh [sic] a new Broom sweeps clean
and we get him cheap as James
and this day Mary & Sarah has
concluded that they canot [sic] stand
it any longer with Bridget and Brian
[Mann?] therefore she has just left
and I believe we all feel better
in consequence of the conclusion
Sarah says that I must not include
her but I guess I may in clude Mary & my^self^

(Page 3)

[Pencil calculations in margin]




[Text normal]
I have come to ^the^ conclusion that interest
is better than our carriage therefore
I gave E Coleman the carriage and
harness and two hundred & fifty dollars
for the the [sic] lot & house that I sold him
last [illegible] fall and then I sold
the same for six hundred dollars
one hundred down the ballence [sic] in
five equal anuel [sic] payments with
interest anuelly [sic] secured by a bond &
Mortgage     Charles Frost has about
concluded to withdraw his funds from
the Market he says that their [sic] is to [sic]
much trusting and he says their [sic]
is nother [sic] thing that he has found
out that he will sell the sloughter [sic]
house before he will let follks come their [sic]
and bootcher [sic] for the owfull [sic]             
and [Alonzo?] says that when Charls [sic] gets rich
anough [sic] he will buy the sloughter [sic] house
and I think that Charles & Edward
is as hard run as we ever was for
money dont say anything but laugh
Charles said before the [sic] went away that he
was not agoing [sic] to be subgect [sic] to those
banks   little did he [the] think the reason
would be that he could not get subgect [sic]
to them  Edward took Cadys & Woods note
up to the bank and could not raise
the money any how on it for one
hundred dollers [sic]  folks knowing that
Charles was receiving money this
spring he getts [sic] a good many calls
from them that are in want say nothing
  we received thy exeptable [sic] letter  
which made us loose and easy    
Ansel went Down East last
week [and] ^he^ came to the market and
called me out and said that he was
agoing [sic] down East and did not know
when he should return and drove
off/   please come home home [sic] by 12th
          of June and you shall be welcome [obliterated]
                             J Hallowell

[J Hallowell continues at top Page 4]

(Page 4)

no sails [sic] for pork yet excep [sic] in the smoll [sic] way
tell Joseph & Mary his wife that we
are getting along with the barn nicely
and will have it ready to rent I think
by July 1st and I believe one part of it
is ingaged [sic] and I have made a bargan [sic]
for the brick house and the celler [sic] is
allmost [sic] done but their [sic] no brick burnt
yet so that we shall not be ready to
[moove?] un till [sic] some time after you get home
Wm R Hallowell arived [sic] here yesterday the 29th 1841
and apears [sic] to be in good spirets [sic] J H

[Address in center and text along bottom third of page are by Sarah L. Kirby Hallowell, as the continuation of  letter # 559.]

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