Post, Joseph. Letter to Isaac Post.


Handwritten letter from Joseph Post to Isaac Post, September 12, 1848.


September 12, 1848

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[Previous pages written by Mary Robbins Post to Isaac Post and transcribed as 713_09_12_1848]

I have just been reading the Boston letter in the standard I think it excelent [sic]
pretty severe on the third party as Quincy always is . I had been thinking of
going to hempstead to see and hear Van Buren but wether [sic] I shall concluded or not
I have not determined feeling as Edmund Quincy says , that being seen in company
that I do not unite with I shall be considered of them , as it is to be
political meeting I think if I go I shall feel somewhat out of my place , Yet as we
are desirous of having others attend our meetings . and we proclaim the doctrine
of doing unto others as we would that they do unto us, and they say they are Anti=
=slavery I feel some like going so as to judge for myself. It still continues very
dry I think I never remember the fields to look bearer at this season of the year
we have been giveing [sic] our cows hay twice a day for some weeks . and keep our horses
that we work up night and day , we have large corps of English hay which helps
us very much , south hay light not more than two thirds of a usual crop water
is geting [sic] scarce with us well very low also cistern the pond east of the house nearly
dry , we yesterday got about half the mud out , the large pond very low has been
considerable man got out of that

[Text in center of page, written upward]

   10 North Hempstead
              Sep 18

Isaac Post

[Text at bottom of page written normal]

Just returned from meeting and ^heard from A H^ one I was going to say the most inconsistent sermons but as we
have so many of them I do not know as it will do to say the most but she of many very
quere [sic] concerns she began with the scripture account of the birth of Jesus and went
on as well as she could, she paused a little some may ask why was Jesus born out of the
usual course , although she believed we were not bound to believe what we could not
understand , yet we ought not to reason on the subject , that although the mother of Jesus wanted
him be doing something he did not go forth on his mission untill [sic] he was commanded that
when his mission was fulfilled and he betrayed he said to Pilate he had no power except what
was given him of God that she said much on the subject she then address those  
that were anxious about accomplishing something to gain their points that

[Text at bottom of page, written upside down between previous lines]

they need not feel so anxious for the Alm^i^ghty did not allough [sic] any thing to tak [sic] palce
that was not right . all things that take place is for the good of man which I think take
away freeagency [sic] and established Predestination doctrine I think contrary to the Quaker
principle to reason and Christianity , Mary had not been to meeting for several meetings
she said she would have been better off at home to day what it will all amount to I
do not know , [Gidon?] Frost was here the other day he tryed [sic] very much to encourage us
to hold on to to [sic] the society , I cannot see why Rachel feels so much about the socity [sic] and
to preach so much for it presivation [sic] if all things that take place is right which view
seems to believe in as she hold it up so much

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