Jeffry, Jason. Letter to Henry ? Bush.


Handwritten letter from Jason Jeffry to Henry ? Bush, January 25, 1848.


January 25, 1848

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Mr Bush                               Geneva January 25 1848
                My Dear Friend
                                                You will recollect that I
had some conversation with you when you were here
in relation to some of our public lectures [sic] attend-
ing Pigg Shaves as you were pleased to call them
well in order to satisfy myself wether [sic] these reports
were true or not I went last evening to the room
were [sic] they were dancing, and there I saw C . L. Reym-
ond, a triping [sic] the “light fantastic toe” in the com
pany of those that he had ought to teatch [sic] better thi-
ngs.  I there saw many of my own acquaintences, [sic] whose
familys &  creditors stood in need of the money that
was [illegible] worse than thrown away in that foolish
performance.   I saw those there that could not be per
persuaded to attend a Anti-Slavey [sic] convention a few
days ago, nor subscribe for the North Star, because
they were to [sic] poor, but they found money & credit
both to attend this ball, & were encouraged to do so
so by one of the Anti-Slavery Lectures [sic] of Western
N.Y. by lending his aid & suport [sic] . well may Duglas [sic]
say that there are colored people in this place that
would rather give one dollar to a ball than fiff-
ty [sic] cents to cause of the slave, and that allways [sic] wi-
ll be the case as long as they have such leaders to look
up as Reymond.  I am sorry that such is the case
& I hope that his employers will look after him
and see that he brings no farther [sic] disgrace upon

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the cause he advocatse [sic],  if our people will spend
thier [sic] time & money so foolishly let them do it alone
unaided by those who should instruct them in better
                                                                I am my Dear Sir your Friend
                                                                co worker in the cause of Liberty
to H Bush                                             Jason Jeffry
Rochester                                                           Geneva

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