Capron, Rebecca M C. Letter to Sarah L Kirby Hallowell Willis.


Handwritten letter from Rebecca M C Capron to Sarah L Kirby Hallowell Willis, December 6, 1847.


December 6, 1847

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                                          Auburn Dec 6 1847
My dear Sarah
                As it was thee, thyself, who sent me
the work at least I suppose it was Sarah Hallow
-ell, it was Sarah at all events, and her I shall
address, business first and pleasure afterwards. I have com-
_ menced. The caps am trying to do as well as I can with
them, as I had no directions how to make them I
have done them according to the advice of those whom
I thought would know; I have finished one as far as I
could turned a hem around the outline cap supposing
it was intended for an edge. But a Lady who called
this afternoon says she thinks the front is to be finished
with a button hole stitch and turn back, now if you
will inform me I should be much obliged as I would
like to do them as they were intended to be done. I
shall not have bobbin enough for all shall I get what
may be required or have you as much on hand as you would
like to purchase, the shirts I was not able to put together
without instruction. I hope to send the things back
without expense the agent of Henry and Co’s express
is an acquaintance and if I should know how you could
get them from him I think I could get him to
take them I have no prospect of being at the [fair?]
without there is an improvement in the travelling by
way of snow and the Port Byron friends should go
I have not heard from there since I wrote to mrs [K?]

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I have had an offer for those caps here but as I
could not set a price on them I could not sell them
and not knowing that it would be agreeable to your
wishes I thought not best. Please let me hear as early
as convenient as I am anxious to complete the work.
give my very best love to all the good people and excuse
me from farther exertion as I have been quite indis-
posed for several days and am now sick blessed with
a severe headache
                Thine respectfully
                R.M.C. Capron

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[Intentionally Blank]

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[Text in center of page, written upward]

Sarah L. Hallowell
                Rochester N.Y.

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