Potter, Nathaniel Jr. Letter to Isaac To Post.


Handwritten letter from Nathaniel Jr Potter to Isaac to Post, September 26, 1847.


September 26, 1847

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                                     Richmond I. .a. 9,, 26,, 47

Respected Friend,
                              In doing as I would be done by
I am led to write a few lines tho [sic] thou art
not always careful to reply to what I write & I
may not now expect it unless I get an an-
swer at Buffalo, as I expect to be there
soon, if life and health permit. __
     I told sister Sarah I would send her
“tracts for the Million” when I got to Cincinnati
and after I had ordered them_ I told the printer
how much you were doing among you  _ 
for the poor slave - and I would not be
surprised if he should send thee a few
numbers of their reform papers. _____
I did expect to be ^at^ and the quarterly mee-
ting to be held at Mendon next week  but
it is doubtful, because I expect to remain
here until fifth day: -
     Both yearly meeting houses were crowded
today each 40 - by 60 feet _ Eleanor Havilon
and Geo. Hatton preached in the old house
Elizabeth Piert & Lucretia Mott preached in
the new house.(both in the same yard)
Of course the spirit led me where I heard
the women. The new house was nearly
empty when Lucretia walked in but I should
think in five minutes it was crowded- mostly by

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the younger class - It was quiet and interesting --
each of the women spoke against war and
slavery- Lucretia spoke for fifty minutes- E-
precided [sic] her nearly the same length of time
A friend remarked at the dinner table that
L. gave the best lecture against War & Slavery
that he ever heard- L. attended a reform mee-
ting at the Methodist chapel at 4. P.M. and spoke
near an hour to a crowded house:-
    You have no doubt heard of Ohio Yearly M.
how they refused to read the Epistle from
Indiana yearly meeting –the same of the
one from Green plains- I mean the men – the
women read both-
     E. Havilon & Elizabeth Piert have an ap-
pointed meeting this evening- but I have a
headache and thought I would not go-
    Levi Knight is here from Salem, Washington
is here & puts up at the same house I do. and
He says Priscilla has been poorly all summer and
part of the time quite low, but was so much
improved that he urged her to attend yearly-
meeting. but she thought she could not.
    I would fill the sheet if I felt well
but I do not therefore I must close-
Share my love with thy family-
Isaac Post            Shy Friend
I am at Robert Morrison’s.           Nathl,, Potter

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                                                   Second day morning 27,,
I feel much better this morning- Therefore I will add
a little more- Lucretia Mott said in the reform meeting
that Wm L. Garrison was sick but did not say where
very likely with you as I see by the  Buffalo Republic
of the 15th Jun. that he was in Buffalo City at that
time- Lucretia is troubled with the Reumatism [sic] which
makes it difficult for her to get about as much as usual for
her – but it don’t appear to affect her tongue – She is invited
to speak at a meeting appointed for Thomas Corwin this
after noon – The Friends about here appear to be
Whigs and decidedly in favour of Corwin for the next
president. I contributed my my mite last spring in
the state of Ohio- to lesson the unhallowed zeal that
was raging in favour of General Taylor for the next
presidency. And now I feel to rejoice that a change has
 come o’e’r the state and nearly equal zeal is manifest
in favour of Thomas Corwin. While General Taylor is left
in the back ground. Ohio will no doubt present the
claims of Corwin before the Whig convention- And now
we have lost the strong man of the north from the
Democratic ranks - there will be a much better choice
for the election of Corwin.- Martin Vanburen can
not draw off from the Abolition party as Silas W.
would have done.- While Corwin I think will draw
largely upon that class- as the liberty party press in Cinc.
has defended Corwin against both Whig + Democratic papers
who have denounced his course with regard to the war
with Mexico- Read that article on “The Presidency” by Hine
in I think the sixth No. “Tracts for the Million” and o that
a million would read it.
     I wish to visit with some friends before meeting a little
Elcy Allen has laboured with me for not wearing better clothes
I promised her that I would get me some new clothes at
the earliest convenience but very likely that will not be
before I see you. I told her I attracted the more attention by
dressing as I do, for I often find individuals who over rate my ability to speak.
No doubt they think I don’t look so bad for nothing.
                                N. Potter

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Isaac Post
    Rochester City

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