Post, Amy Kirby ?. Letter to A L? Rawson.


Handwritten letter from Amy Kirby ? Post to A L? Rawson, September 9, 1879.


September 9, 1879

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[In pencil]
Liberal League

[Text writing upwards in left margin]

I forming the

[Text normal]

Rochester Sept 9 - 79

Dear Sir
      A.L. Rawson
                I thank thee most
sincerely for the package yesterday
recieved [sic], containing the committies [sic]
invitation to the N.L.L --  and following
Libiral [sic] Convention soon to be held at
[text inserted between lines]
I am delighted with thier [sic] strong-- broad and explicit rendering of the
       aims and objects of the League
[text normal]
Cincinati [sic] Ohio, I very much regret
that my helth [sic] is too feeble to allow ^of my gratifying^ the cher-
ished hope of the pleasure of attending it ^of being present^
^[deeming ?]it the most important finishing up of work our progenitors
                                                                                                  left undon [sic]
but other, and more useful delegates
from our Rochester League, I hope ^trust^ will
 be their [sic], and do good service in the cause of fredom [sic].
Dr. A. E Tilden, Clement W. Austin
D. M Fox, and Willet E. Post ^were^ elected to
the service last evening.  Our League
numbers first
                Immediately on recieving  [sic]
thy packag [sic], I had some of them circu-
lated amongst our hopeful free thinkers,

(Page 2)

hope we shal [sic] see the fruits, in the
future work that is to come.
                Notwithstanding my com-
mendation of our very estimable Com-
mittee’s invitation, - I was very sorry to
discover one great omission, unworthy
the conciencious [sic]-- thoughtful men who
signed it.  that omission was the word
women. The word “All who believe” &c
does not include women, as the expo-
nents of our laws, ^statutes^ still persist in denying
our right to Citizenship--and the Ballot
Box          Can it be that the advocates
of this “New Departure” contemplate
erecting this (contemplated  grand) structure
for the government [sic] of the whole people of this
nation upon such an unscientific  and              
unphilosophical basis as to ignore ^and trample upon the rights of^ one
half of the human inhabitants, that part
too ^as you will find^ indispensably [sic] vital to life and growth of
[text between line]
all ^every good^ causes-- every voter should be protected in his or her right^
^to cast the ballot of their choice^
remember the committees [sic] Motto
 “In Union we must find strength”

(Page 3)

        To the National L. League and
        “Proposed Liberal Party
“for a Free people to make a free Land”
    I pray you to remember every moment
that D. M Bennett our champion of free ^thought^
speech free press and free mails--is at
this moment incarserated [sic] in a loath-
some prison, deprived of almost every com
fort that life- health and comfort ^happiness^ demand
    And do not forget also, that every one
who sanctions, and those ^every one^ who attend [sic]
this convention, are ^is^ liable to the same
punishment-- for our christian men and
women are ready for anything that they
think will stop this sweeping current of
Freedom that is                ^over leaping breaking away from bonds long imprisonment
 [illegible] out of prison
showing itself manly and womanly strong
^no longer on^
enslaved to Church nor ^or^ State-- Benedict
 ^or^ nor Comstock.      Some of us are grow-
ing old in the cause of freedom, but no
matter-- there are the yound [sic], and the ma-
ture minds of both sexes, already in
the work, who will keep their standard

(Page 4)

high and erect as long as health and
strength lasts-- and such-- I am proud
to say, is the character of the Delegates of
that our Rochester Auxilery [sic] Liberal
League, sends to you, to day.
viz. Dr. Augustin E. Tilden Clement W
Austin-- D. M. Fox and Willett [sic] E Post
      the state of my own health will prevent
the fulfilment of my cherished hope of being
present.  therefore you will allow me a word

[Next several lines, from “somewhat of critacism” [sic]
through  “which seemed to me unworthy” are lightly crossed
over with X’s.]

somewhat of critacism [sic] – [seeing?] the [com?] of
 invitation states in their Circular, that all should be allow
ed to testify for their  own protection of their own rights
and those of others, whether they believe on any God
or myth to swear by or not”  I surely shall be
allowed to appeal to you in Convention assem
bled on behalf of my own sex – I read the
Com’s call to the League Cincinati [sic] Convention with
peculiar interest and delight:   the end--so broad
so explicit a rendering of the aims and objets [sic] of the
[Meeting?]-- but I discovered one great omission
which seemed to me unworthy the thoughtful concien
cious [sic]  men ^by^ whom  ^it was^ signed--that omission was the word
woman  I do not wish that you, of this New Departure
 will not forget that we--Women-- are the  [illegible]^long^  down
troden [sic] class of National Citizens, who, need “the protection
of National Cit,”    In forming the proposed Liberal
Compact, for these government  of these United States
remember also that equal justice to all, Citizens is the
 only foundation for it, that will stand the test of this
 living –searching- -scientific and philosophical age of
reason-- give us the ballot and we will help you to find out what
justice is without waiting  another hundred years.

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