Post, Joseph. Letter to Isaac Post.


Handwritten letter from Joseph Post to Isaac Post, June 17, 1871.


June 17, 1871

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          Westbury 6 mo 17th 1871
Dear Brother
           It has been a long time since
I written to any I have written any thing [sic] to
any of you no apology but the habit of
putting off which grows stronger by being
indulged in, Many things have transpired
of latter time that has been very interesting
to us. The annual meetings not Antislavery
but composed of many of the old friends
made ^it^ seem like one of the very best
of antislavery meetings it was a very good
one I do not know but it will do to say the
very best one we ever attended, and then
the women meeting that we attended was
also a very good one we did not attend all
the revolution meetings we did not attend
any. Mary and I attended the Philidelphia [sic]
yearly Meeting where a large number of
Friends congregate and many of the liberal
order particular among the young speakers
and there was many that attended that
meeting it was verry [sic] encouraging to see

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the progression that seems to be taking
place It makes us feel that ^if^ many that
that resigned their right of membership
some years ago had held on a little
longer it would have help on the good
work in Society and not hinderd [sic] any of
their good works out of Society. It was a very
pleasent [sic] week to us. Mary and Catharine
attended Mrs Howe, meetings and was much
pleased an account of which was in the Standard
and then we attended our yearly meeting
which as Freinds [sic] say was a favouerd [sic] season
many friend from other yearly meetings
both Preachers and others of course some
orthodoxy but I think on the whole
it is desidedly [sic] giving away I fell like
using a friends turn truth reigned over
all T Clarkson Taylor from Wilmington a
expects to be at our meeting tomorrow not
over fifty I think, who we think is a very
great preacher, you will see by the Standard
the doings of Martha Treville about New
York is it ^not^ to bad that men who are placed

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in authority over the erring ones should [expersize?]
it so that a woman who is particular gifted
to speack [sic] to the erring should not have an
oppotunety [sic] because she was a woman I
believe Samuel Willets did all he could
to have it different he helped her around
where ever she went and proberly [sic] did it
better  than any other friend in New York
could do it, I saw him yesterday he seems
peased [sic] with what was done except in
regard to the mens meeting at Sing Sing
Joseph Hicks youngest sons mind has so far
given way that they took him to the assylum [sic]
about 3 weeks ago ^he^ should it first in
meeting he had been much trouble about
friends having any thing [sic] to do with fairs where
horse [trotting?] was practiced to considerable ^extent^
and then ^some^ friends attending parties and taking
part in much and dancing monthly meeting
in 5 month he spoke a long time much out
of place it incr^e^ased so fast they thought it
best to take him asylum we here is some
better but have read in a week now

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Dr Rogers widow was buried day before yesterday
and old woman eighty four or five [illegible]
[Horathe?] Poole was buried yesterday leaves
a mother an old woman about 85 no
brother nor  sister. I suppose you have herd [sic]
before this this the trouble I have got myself
in buying a part of Isaac farm I had been
feeling I wanted to lessen buisness [sic] and
then to get  more does not correspond and
when I will get out of it I do not know
It has ^been^ dry our hay crops are very light not
more I think than half of some years wheat
is large and much down help is scarce so
many rail roads [sic] building finds imployment [sic]
for many hands Edmund Rushmore has
been poorly for some months saw him last
evening said he was not smart said he was
weak in body and mind he wanted the advice
of his friends I advised him to go to Dr
English he said he had been very  much pre=
=judice against him I told him I had ^to^ but
he had helped so many folks I advised
many to go and try RR Willets ^and Lydia^ is going
to New Port with their daughter she is very
poorly yet they have ^been^ importuned to take her
to [Engasal?] but they do not conclude yet
                                   Thine Joseph Post

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