Post, Joseph. Letter to Isaac Post.


Handwritten letter from Joseph Post to Isaac Post, April 25, 1870.


April 25, 1870

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                       Old Westbury 4 m 25th 1870
     Dear Brother & Sister
         We received your letter in due
course and should have writen [sic] you long
ago Mary is at Syossett with helping them
Samuel is poorly not so very sick to ap
=pearence but he has been growing weaker
steaderly [sic] for some weeks we advised them
to have a doctor, they called in the Jericho
docter [sic] he thought he had no particular disease
but was bilous [sic] gave him some medicine
called him better if they neaded [sic] him more
let him know and he would come but he
continued to grow weaker, Quarterly meeting
last week we were not there in a week found
him he had lost considerable, he thought the
Jericho docter [sic] did not understand his situation
we proposed to go for doctor that Mary h as
been going Samuel was willing and I
went for him he came thought much
as the Jericho doctor did, but treated him
very different used electering [sic] mashene [sic]

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and his hands he thinks he can help
him I think Samuel felt quit encourage
from one treatment I came home then
we came up first day morning the doctor
would stay till second day morning treats him
more before he went down I believe some
of them was about writing yesterday they
can ^give tell^ more particular account than I the
doctor spoke so encourageing ly [sic] it help us
all very much he has had his close [sic] on
every day and been out doors until the
last 3 days am very much in hopes this
treatment will bring him up again
We look around at the Antislavery meet
ing thinking it might be we should
you but we looked in vain I think
I may say we had a gloyrious [sic] meeting
if Garrison had only consented to think
perhaps they have done some good in con=
=tinuing the Antislavery society on to this
time and as the coloured man is now equeal [sic]
to the white man before the law I will
join them in ^deliberation of the ^ fulfilment of all our [labours?]
how nice it would have been I was asked many
times was Garrison there he ought to have been there

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some our conservative new york Friends
were there we lt and attended all the meet
=ing. we thought some improvement had
taken especially with Thomas Folk but
at the quarterly Meeting he shoed [sic] himself
as orthodox as ever. he is a man not calculated
of himself to do a great deal of hurt but
as he is a speaker and the rich enfluencial [sic]
friends back him up he can have make
quite a show he is a great stickler for
bible any one holding on to the book as
holy as sackred [sic] and ever blessed a great
many will tolerate him . Isaac Hicks
has got to preaching speaks prety [sic] often
and I think prety [sic] well generally, in
quarterly meeting he had quite a long sermon
and after [have?] long teadous [sic] sermon from
Tommy F and John AD Right he arose and
said I will now explane [sic] to you, and stood
some time and said I thought I had a clear
intermation [sic] but it is gone and set down
he has been several time in Pensilvania [sic]
to attend monthly meeting and Quarterly

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Samuel Willets has bought 60 acres
of Samuel Hicks farm for his grand
son who expects to marry Charles Titus
daughter are about but building a barn
this summer bound to be left until
they are married our neighbor all
in general health Mary R Post much
as she has been for a longtime wants
to ride out often goes to meeting mostly 
she being prety [sic] heavy it is very hard
for Edmund who mostly taks [sic] her in
his arms and carrys [sic] her like a baby
Uncle James I think has been better
this winter than a number of winter
past . It is time for this to go to the post
office if it goes to day so must close
expecting to see you before long as the
11th of next month will soon come
round so farewell your Brother
                                    Joseph Post

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