Glennan, [P?]. Letter to Sojourner Truth.


Handwritten letter from [P?] Glennan to Sojourner Truth. Glennan, Truth's nephew, writes to her about recent events at the Freedman's Hospital in Washington, D.C.


March 25, 1867

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                                              Freedman Hosp
                                                      March 25th 1867
Aunt Sojourner
                     I received
your note a few days ago
& was glad to hear you were in
good health. A few days after
I saw you in Dec last I
obtained draft on the [illegible] Treas
ury New york in favor of Richard
Merritt your agent at Battle
Creek, but as I did not see
you again I have retained
it waiting to see or hear from
you. had I not better forward
it to you at Rochester & please
let me know when you
write again.
                     I sent the extracts
from the papers to Mrs Griffing
as you segested [sic]. Miss Blass
is evidently laboring under

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a mistake. Gen Howard is anxious
to have the able bodied colored people
go where their labor is required
& where they will receive a fair
days pay for a fair days work. &
so far as my Knowledge extends, the
Officers carry out his orders to the best
of their ability, but the fact is the
demand exceeds the supply and
home orders must remain un-
filled. The number of unemployed
in the City is less probably than last
year, & then many will not go
away who ought for various reasons.
The number in the Hosp has been
less the past winter & there are not
many now in who are fit to go.
I think none but good ones should
be sent.
            Dr Ellis died Dec 29th
/66, he had been sick about two
weeks of Typhoid fever. The Island
is the most-unhealthy part of the

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City- & the Dr was not very strong.
now that he is gone I regret
him sincerely. he had some faults
but I believe none of us are
any too good, I will find such
a person as you want- if I can
Matilda sends her respects to
you also mrs G. & the rest
of the folks, let me hear from
you now respond to the drafts-

                  Yours &c
                     P. Glennan.


[P?] Glennan, Sojourner Truth's nephew, is writing to her from the Freedman's Hospital in Washington, D.C. Glennan refer to Battle Creek, Michigan. Josephine Sophia White Griffing was an abolitionist and woman's rights activist. General Oliver Howard served during the Civil War and became the Commissioner of the Freedman's Bureau. Matilda Gardner was Truth's niece.

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