Culver, Jennie F. Letter to Isaac Post.


Handwritten letter from Jennie F Culver to Isaac Post, February 25, 1864.


February 25, 1864

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[illegible] Village, Broome, County,
Feb 25th/64
Dear Brother and Sister:
      I feel very happy in taking my
pen to address you, and yet I
do not know of any thing that
I am to communicate, except that
I have taken the liberty to request
my correspondents to direct my
letters to your care from the first
to the middle of next April? ___
      For I am a traveller [sic] stopping
but a short time in a place. ___
I am expecting to get to Rochester
about the middle of April, and
intend to enjoy the pleasure of
seeing you, if but for a short
time. ----      I also mean if possible
to see Mr. Douglas [sic] I have heard him
lecture but have never met
him socially. ___

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I think his lecture
on the Mission of the War
the ablest production I have
read on that subject. ____
     The last three sabbath evenings
I have spoken on the “Progress
of Liberty”.—I am preparing
a discourse entitled
                “A Nation’s Peace”.
How much there is for
  Moral Champions to do today
in urging the Principles of Justice
upon the consideration of the people,
I am thankful to do something,
however small, to swell the
tide of liberty.
           Would that my power
was greater :    But I have long
since learned that the smallness
of our gifts does not do away
the duty of improving them :
                 but rather urges
upon us the necessity of

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       diligence that they
      may not be taken
     With regards to inquiring friends,
I remain, Fraternally Yours
                   Jennie F. Culver,

I look in the dictionary to
see whether I use correctly the
word Fraternally.  I find it means
  brotherly. __Now what shall
  we do when we want to say
sisterly?--  I think it really
  means both brotherly and sisterly.
If It doesn’t, I petition to have
it expunged from the English
language.___  Should you find
it agreeable to answer this please
direct to the care of Mrs. [N?].[H?]. Smith
   I expect to be there ^to be in Buffalo^ about the last of March
so please write so that a letter would

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reach there by that time. ____
I enjoy my journeying very
much.  Meeting and converse
with Orthodox and liberalists,
Spiritualists, and Anti Spiritualists,
Abolitionists, Republicans, Democrats, and
“Copperheads” __  Though my sympathies
(according to my humble opinion)
are in the right place, yet
I seem to be blessed with the faculty
of tolerating and being tolerated by such.
The fact is, we occasionally meet
Spiritualists and Copperheads in the same
persons, and Antislavery men and
 bigots, ___   Agreeing on some prominent
points has a tendency to bring
you nearer on others. _______
This condition is gradually doing much
to harmonize society ______
                     But I am getting tedious
       So, dear friends, Adieu with
        My earnest wishes for your
                  prosperity,-- Jennie F. Culver.

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