Post, Jacob Kirby. Letter to Amy Kirby Post.


Handwritten letter from Jacob Kirby Post to Amy Kirby Post, September 2, 1857.


September 2, 1857

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                Westbury   Sept 2d 1857
Dear Mother
                       Thee has probably ^receved [sic]^ a letter from
Jennie Post marked Jersey City
We have seen some part of the big cty [sic] and
got some what tired third day we came over
on the Ferry Boat in time to see the cars
move gently off while the boat was forty feet
from shore to say that there was one or two on
that boat that did not feel bad, my feelings
wer [sic] too deep for utterance   we kept as cool as
the circumstances would allow  and took the next
train only had to waite [sic] one hour and a half
Uncle Josey had been to the station after us not
succeeding in the undertaking he left word with
the station man to bring us along if we stopt
arrived at Uncles about seven and a half Jennie
seems to like the looks of the Island very much sayes [sic]
that Uncle Josey looks like Father but I have not
bee able to see it yet    They went to the bach [sic]
last seventh day so that we are just too late this
time but the talks now is that we will all go
to south Beach tomorow [sic] if no raine [sic] falls Uncle
sayes [sic] if it does raine [sic] any other day this week I
think that our chance is very good to get in the salt
sea, this afternoon we are going to Gran Fathers but
shall come back to night after coming from the
beach shall visit around some so far every thing
is as it should we right side up with care
Uncle and Aunt have gone to meeting I thought that
I would stay to the house and eat pears they are
very good but not quite equal to some of the
varieties that the Rochester nurseries get out

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Aunt Mary has just returned from meeting
no preaching she sayes [sic] that as soon as this is
finished she will come in and hear it read
I rather guess not
To day [sic] rather warm thermometer at ninety one
in the shade have not seen any of the friends
around her yet
Uncle Josey is thrashing wheat he raises the
mdetarainian [sic] variety sayes [sic] that he thinks that
western folks will have to raise it all together
before long
To day [sic] being so warm we have concluded not to go
to Jericho till after we come from the beach
Leah was over to a Mr Posts in Jersey City on the
same evening that we arrived George and Ann wer [sic]
on hand some ten in all and Leah got five
dollars but told George that she was not com-
ing over Jersey and waite [sic] on Such aristocrats
for 5.ll ll dollars an evening but she was to come
over to Georges the eve that we left there
hope they will have a good time
this is a very pleasant day Uncle Josey commeced [sic]
cutting wood concluded that he concluded to could
keep [illegible] reading the liberator which he
is now doing   Aunt Mary and the girls are
listening but keep their fingers b usy
is far most every thing [sic] on the Island looks nat
  Affectionately thy son JKPost

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