Potter, Nathaniel Jr. Letter to Isaac Post.


Handwritten letter from Nathaniel Jr Potter to Isaac Post, February 12, 1850.


February 12, 1850

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                                              Buffalo City 2.,12.,1850.
Respected Friend-
                              I received thy kind letter
while at Burlington last fall - I visited
Washington City but have  nothing marvelous
to write and not now time to write it if
I had.  L.  P.  Mott sold out her entire
place at Burlington and started for
the West the latter part of 10,, Mo
but from what I have since heard I
presume she returned to that place
for the winter.
    Priscilla Hunt made a religious
visit through Illinois last summer
after her return, she though she had
enjoyed better health than she had
for thirty years before.
    I heard Mrs. Bushnel lecture last
evening- Her views are not new to me.
having believed in them almost from
childhood._ I mean as to the essentials,-
of Spiritualism.
    It is barely possible that I may visit
Rochester before I go to Ohio_ but I think not
probably.  My Address here is E. Hamburg ,
Share my love with family B. Fish &C.
             In Best Affection .
Isaac Post                            Nathaniel Potter

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The Ohio Legislature have passed Freesoil
Resolutions of instruction to their Senators &c
in Congress-
  I see that Chase, Hale & Seward
voted to receive petitions to Dissolve the
union - This was right - tho' I do not favour
a Dissolution.  But the Question should be met
fairly and not by any gag rule. -
    I have already written more than
I expected as I go to E. Hamburg to night
                                                        N. P.

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                                    Bufflo. 1850

Good Spirit_ Do thou be my life_
Save from unavailing strife.
Save from jealousy and wrath,
And guide my feet in Wisdoms path.
Let not Earthly selfish gain _
Or transient joy that ends in pain,
Or love of popular applause
Turn me aside from Wisdoms laws

If here on Earth awhile I stay,
May I commune with thee each day -
Guide me by the law of love,
And seal me for thy courts above.
And when I leave this mundane sphere,
And all that flesh & blood holds dear,
To find a clime more pure & free -
O then good Spirit _  be with me

Good Spirit: - Shall I meekly wait,
And seek for truth at Wisdoms gate;
y faith & patience, truth and love,
Prepare for joys untold above?
With kindred Spirits gone before,
Thy goodness then I shall adore;
Where love & life are pure & free,
And all in harmony with thee.
                                         N.  P.

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