Willis, Sarah L Kirby Hallowell. Letter to Amy Kirby Post.


Handwritten letter from Sarah L Kirby Hallowell Willis to Amy Kirby Post, 185-.



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                               Elmira Sunday 14th
Dear Sister
                     I felt very much disappointed
on my arrival yesterday not to find
any letter in the Office for me, I had
so much hoped to hear from you
while here and perhaps I may yet as
we remain here untill [sic] Wednesday but
I fear you may have sent to Canandagua [sic]
as there was something said about that
when we parted. We shall not spend any
time there but I shall try to go to the Office

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if we have to wait for the cars. I thought
when we parted that we were to be at this
place last week
  Miss Holley’s plans now are to meet [A K F?]
at Walworth on the 25th lecturing on the ^way^ at the
following places. At Elmira - Monday 15 & 16
Savanna [sic]  Thursday 18 - Jefferson Friday 19th
Penn Yan Saturday and Sunday 20-21
Probably we shall be at Horse Heads [sic] on
Wednesday 17th but it is not certain.
No one met us at the depot at this place
so we went to the Temperance House
and found W H Parmers ^son^ by going to the
Post Office four times. To our great delight
Mr Parmer came for us at twilight, just
as Mr Langdon had invited us to his house
both were very polite but Miss H decided to
come here ^Parmers^ first, We were afraid we should
have to stay at the hotel all night and today

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which looked rather gloomy, it was rainy
and we could not find that any appoi
ntments were made. none were made for
last evening or this, but tomorrow and
next day they anticipate a good meeting
in the Congregational church.  It is quite
rainy today so that we all stay at home
except the younger Mr Parmer and his sister
Mr Parmer did go to the cars but made a
mistake in the time and was too late
they are very kind pleasant people as are
all the abolitionists we meet.  Abby has plan
ned so well every thing is made very easy
and pleasant for us.  At Millport we were
entertained by Dr Seaman and wife, he claimed
relationship with me because I told him
my mother was a Seaman. We spent one
night and day with Judge Banks a wealthy
farmer and has quite an interesting family
lives one mile for the village and Miss H

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        Amy Post
                  Monroe County N Y

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was terribly afraid riding up and down the
streets  through the mud and holes.
I want very much to hear from Susan Ann
Miss H thinks she shall return to Rochester
depending upon some of the abolitionists to
take her to Walworth. I have thought some
of returning a few days before her but now I
think I shall remain with her all through
if I knew all was well at home suppose I should
enjoy it rather more, hope you will get this tomorro^w^
if you do get it soon enough to send me a line
to Penn Yan I shall be very glad, we go there saturday
morning and probably leave monday morning 22
for Rochester.  We do not know whether a stage runs to
Walworth or not.  Miss H hopes some of you will take her
you will find her delightful company.  she just now
says “give my love to your sister” I am well hope she [?]
                                                          Affectionately Sarah

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Post, Amy Kirby, b. 1802
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