Willets, George. Letter to Isaac Post.


Handwritten letter from George Willets to Isaac Post, 185-?



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No 1 Pavonia Place
Jersey City Aug. 18
Dear Cousin
               I promised to
write again on Monday last
but I am like some of the
spirits. I broke my promise
I have been so engaged that
I could not go over to see if
Sarah Birney sailed till to 
day. I have been to see &
find that she sailed on
Monday. She was not well
had another turn of spitting
blood but the Agent would
not give her back her money
or transfer her ticket for the
next ship so she has to go.
These Ship owners & agents are
Tyrants & brutes, though I
thought Thomas Roach was of
Quaker blood __

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I hope she may get safe
home. but I think it some
what doubtful __
our folks are all in the country
yet. some expect them home
tomorrow morning, but have not
heard certainly that they are
Harriet Jacobs called on me
yesterday to see if she would
board her daughter for two or
three months while she was
writing or copying the narrative
of her mo life I took the
responsibility & told her to
come __
I am running the Night
Express & shall continue to
perhaps for sometime as the
former conductor  is sick &
not likely to be able to 
work for some time
I leave New York at 1/2 past

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five in the afternoon, & get
to Delware at 9.20 in the
evening, & leave to return at
6.25 in the morning. & get
back at 9.48 _ It is the
heaviest train on the road
carries about 250. To 300
each way daily__
I am getting fat. on it
and feel very happy___
I have not seen a spirit
or heard one in some time
and must confess that I
have not so high in opinion
of them generally as I once
when spirits can come and
give me positive facts
& positive knowledge I am
with them, but I think
we shall have to wait some
time for that
what I mean by positive

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Knowledge is – if I
should ask the spirits if
Ann & the children started
from Scipio to day __ to come
home in 9 cases out of 10
The answer would be wrong
It would  be just as I
thought If I believe say
or expected that that [sic] they
had the answer would be
yes__ we have not got
only one step yet, we know
that spirits do knock and
manifest themselves but have
got nothing as to their mode
of living. before where they
live or any thing about them
scarcely but I suppose we
must wait -------------
      Affectionate yours 
                   George Willets

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Willets, George
Post, Isaac, 1798-1872
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Willets, George, “Willets, George. Letter to Isaac Post.,” Post Family Papers Project, accessed December 10, 2018, https://rbsc.library.rochester.edu/items/show/4799.