Post, Joseph. Letter to Isaac Post.


Handwritten letter from Joseph Post to Isaac Post, 185-.



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    First day afternoon the Girls and I have been at
  meeting it is a habit that seems almost like
  nature and a good practice if more of true
toleration could be manifested, but we have so
much that is intolerant, that I get verry [sic] much dis=
couraged sometimes, yet I hardly find any Society
even the nonresistant many of them do not come
to my Ideas of right the AntiSavery [sic] folk many
of them I think get wide of the right track. The spirit=
=ualist too in my estimation. So I make up my mind
that as we are social beings we must do as much
good as we can. I feel a disposition to encourage
the good where ever found. and discourage that which
I think rong [sic] even in our Society I beleive [sic] my
position is so well known that I could not
do more good even should I withdraw from
Society I beleive [sic] my membership does not prevent
me from doing what I beleive [sic] it my place to
do. Although some things has taken place of
late that I hate in the Quarterly meeting that has
just past the Orthodox spirit shewed itself
as intolerant as ever Arden had a minute from
his monthly meeting to visit some of the Quarter
=ly meetings of Philidelphia [sic] Y.M. the N. York friends
with R Cromwell at their head with the assist=
=ance of some from our meeting manage to keep
him at home among whom was your Nephues [sic] Hicks

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We have had fine time to get our hay and harvest
to gether not very hot although it was exsevily [sic]
hot just before we commenced. very great crops
of hay, much rain but no settled stroms [sic] other than
showers one just a ^day^ or two before we began to move
one of the hardest I ever rememer remember the wa=
ter ran like large brooks all around us. after the
rain I was looking around to ^see^ hough [sic] things fared Uncle
James boy came and said their home had been struck
by lightning and Elizabeth was senceless [sic] we hurried
their [sic] as quick as posible [sic] not thinking but she
would recover and was much surprised to find that
she had been kiled [sic] instantly never stirred moved exc
except her eyes rolled a few times a large spot
on her stomack [sic] look very red as if burnt and other
places on her body shoed [sic] marks Sarah much stuned [sic]
and quit [sic] a large place on her hip blisterd [sic] Rachel
was also some hurt Uncle J Aunt P and Catharine not
hurt in the same room. the house to appearence [sic]
^at first^ not much injured but on examination the fluid
had scaterd [sic] about the house very much. Their neighbours
and friends simpathized [sic] with them very much very
many called their [sic] the next day of the funeral we most ever had
as large as Quarterly meeting is many times. Although
many called there I beleive [sic] John and M.W did not
not [sic] go to the ^house^ untill [sic] three weeks after after [sic] the sec
occurence [sic] and Henry not untill after the ^day of the^ funeral
Aunt Phebe after her mothers death made a

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have I any Brothers I thought she might again
have said have I any Brothers. perhaps I said had
better not said any thing [sic] about it but it seemed
so strange to us it will keep raining up
Two weeks ago yesterday we attended the funeral of
Mary E Post in New York she had been a great sufferer
for nearly 3 months  her complaint I beleive [sic] was
gatherings internally she ^suffred [sic]^ very much from sickness
at the stomack [sic] especially the latter part of the
time. I called their [sic] the morning after her death
did not hear of it untill [sic] I got their [sic] Aunt Mary
seemed pretty comfortable she and I beleive [sic] all
the family seemed to think they had no cause to
to [sic] mourn as the desease [sic] they thought incurable
and she suffered so exceedingly  They had a Preast [sic]
that read over the Episcopal servis [sic] it seemed very
dry and lifeless It did not seem as though Aunt
Mary could not approve of custom, and yet it was
not more out of place than some things that
are said in our meeting house at funerals at Elizabeth
Post funeral S. Thorn was very objectable [sic] indeed to
some yes to many.  For 3 or 4 days we have spent much
time and some money in looking for a cow that either
got out of the yard and eather [sic] went of her own accord
or was dr^i^ven away wecannot [sic] find or here [sic] any thing
of her so that we begin to think she was driven
away but we may yet find but I almost dispare [sic]
I suppose Rachel will say it is for some good as she
some times says every that taks [sic] place is for our good

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[Text in center of page, written upwards]

            Aug 6, [2?]

                   Isaac Post

                                     New York

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