Post, Joseph. Letter to Isaac Post.


Handwritten letter from Joseph Post to Isaac Post, 185-?



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First day the 11th have been to meeting two Sermons, Rachel has
not appeared very offen [sic] since Abraham death and I think
according to farmer views not very [ex?] prety [sic] good but some-
=how something a little different suits me better I mean
something more reformitory [sic]. To day she spoke of Davids early
life being the most pure that in after life he commited [sic]
many great sins. that the Lord is good. to forgive.  We have
had much such weather yesterday ^and to day [sic]^ as we had last year
when we were with you very cold and windy hard frost
roads very rough in many places. the harbour has not been
clear of ice so that boats could untill [sic] day before
yesterday and now froze again but like in a day or two will be
oppen [sic]. We are persueing [sic] about the same routine of buisness [sic]
as usual milking and feeding cows with other spring dutys [sic]
such as cutting hedgses [sic] preparing for a summer course
For all our hearing of people being out of employment and scarsity [sic]
of work I think those with us who had established some
character are geting [sic] a little more wedges than last year
Patrick has been poorly much of the time this winter has
not worked but little in two months complains of rhum-
=atism [sic]. We have had quit [sic] a change in our neighbourhood
within the past year. J.L. Townsend. Abraham Hicks Samuel J Titus
removed from works to reward. leaving their places without any
male head which makes it very differcult [sic] to find men
suitable to take charge. M.P. Titus and E.P. Willets have
sold their land that lies wouth of the turnpike for 65$
per acre some think it very high others think they
had better have keep it for if William makes a farmer
he will want more land

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Some places selling within our bordours [sic] Jacob Willis place
at Ceder [sic] Swamp was sold last year the man died last fall
it has been again sold for 9000$ 300$ less than last spring
Hannah Underhill Widow of Jordon has also sold. Jacob Frost
has bought the place that use [sic] to belong to Samuel Valintine[sic]
the first place west of B. Treadwell. for 7000$ 200 acres
much out of repair, will have a chance to do and build
much he has the character of loveing [sic] to build has had
two places before got them nicely fixed up then sells. his
excuse now is to be near the Rail Road he owns much
Property at Brooklyn go very often to look after it. often is
building their and then wants to be there almost every day
What do you think of Dana,s defence of E.G.Loreing dont
you think it very strang [sic] him to do as he has done and in
doing it to criminate Phillips to. I think Phillips reply
must made him feel as if he had got in the ronge [sic]
place by the extracts we have seen the Liberator
I had supposed he was so much of an antislavery man
that he would not help the slavery side along, but
seems a Lawyer will take any side for money or prop
popularity. 2nd day morning very dark morning storming snow
and hail last evening Uncle James and wife Isaac & Samuel
Hicks and wives were here they enquired after your
welfare and wether [sic] you were not coming to visit
us soon, and nearly may we look for you soon. It is quite
encouraging to perceive, with what interest many people
seem to take on the antislavery and temperance causes in these
times some hope of the world J Post

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