Post, Joseph W. Letter to Amy Kirby Post.


Handwritten letter from Joseph W Post to Amy Kirby Post, 185-?



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                      New York Dec. 17th
     Dear Parents
                           I am in Dr. Nuss-
eys Office in Broadway
and he has just told me that
he rec. a letter from Mr. Plumb
and he says that Father has
had to quit Business I am
sorry for it seems hard to
work hard all ones life and
just when you ought to live
in Ease to be deprived of it
all Mr. Plump says you seem
to bear up under the stroke I
am glad of that for their [sic] are
a great manny [sic] people undoubt
edly that will rejoise [sic] at your
Downfall merely on account of
your AntiSlavery and spiritual
belief (There is a good time
coming Wait a little longer)
I hope it will ^not^ be long before

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it comes I am throwed out
of my sittuation [sic] on the Road
by all the Mens going to
work again they found out
they could not live without
something to do But I am
not Dicouraged [sic] as yet I
shall get something to do it
I have to drive Team or
something else It is a very
disagreeable Day here to day [sic]
and makes everything around
you look gloomy as well as
making you feel so The
Dr. seems to have plenty of
Business in fact he told
me that he had more than he
could attend to I am glad
of it for I think he is
a man worthy of it if any-
body is I do not know
hardly what to say then

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I do not feel very well to
day [sic] Leah had a Theatrical
Performance at the House last
night for the Benefit of
some poor folks the proffits [sic]
for them was $42, so that
is not picked up on every
Bush now a days what a
consolation it is to know
that we have done somebody
some Good Do good to others
and it makes us happy Mrs.
Oliver Johnson gave out the
Invitation's and Leah gave
the use of her Parlors Leah
was Dressed in Grand Style
in Black Velvet Dress &c

Love to all
                        From thy ^your^ affectionate
                             Son Joseph

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[Text halfway down page]
     Direct to John C Stockwill
                      No 25 [Am?], [IL?]

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