Post, Joseph W. Letter to Amy Kirby Post.


Handwritten letter from Joseph W Post to Amy Kirby Post, 185-?



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                    New York Dec. 6th
       Dear Mother
                       I wish you would
go and see Mary Jane and see
why she does not answer my letters
I have written two letters to her
and as yet have rec. no answer I
feel bad to think that she does not
answer my letters I do not know
what to think of it I have got
a sittuation [sic] on the Rail Road
and go to work to morrow [sic] I
wish thee would send my cloths
shirts Collars Stockings &C not
forgetting to send one my Buck-
Skin Gloves Mate will know where
they are tell Mate I want her
to answer my letters if she is a-
going to or if she is not to let
me know and then I shall know
what to depend upon

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unhappy notwithstanding I
have got a sittuation [sic] my Pants
are all wore out and I have not
got a cent to buy any with but
will have some at the end of
the month where I get my pay
tell Mate not worry about
me for I will not disgrace either
myself or her I can as steady as
anybody can be have stopped at
Leah's ever since my arrival in
New York the reason why I did
not say anything to you about my
coming down here was I made up
my mind to go on my own [illegible]
after this and ask no odds of
Father any more he seems to take
more interest in the Burtis Family
than in me hereafter he can help
them as much as he has a mind
to and I will help myself-
Mother do not say anything to Father

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      about what I think for I
   would not hurt his feelings for
anything because he thinks he is doing
right and I think that he is wrong
and another thing Father and I never
did agree verry [sic] well for he has one
view of things in this world and
I have another He thinks a person
must always stay at Home &c I want
to go once in a while and as long
as I am able and can go conviently [sic]
I think I shall go I am a
Mr J. G. Stockwell to day to
Dinner on 45th St 3d Avenue
and it is very gloomy out doors but
very pleasant in doors I go
over to Geo. Willetts this afternoon
and start for Port Jarvis to
morrow morning at 7 o'clock
Mother if the [sic] has got any money
to spare I would like to have enough to
[Text continues upwards along right edge]
buy me a pair of ponttoons [sic]

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as these that I have are all
worn out and I need a new
Pair very much Mothr [sic] I wish
thee would write me a good long letter as I am in want of
one as I have not rec. a letter since
I have been here I was up to Dr
Nussey's room yesterday he is well
and doing well Geo. Willetts
and Eliab Capron was at Leah's
yesterday  Leah and Horrace Greely [sic]
went to Church to day together
Love to all the Folks Write
soon a good long letter Send my
things in care of Geo. Willets
letters &C
               as Ever thy affectionate
son Joseph

tell [nate?] to write me so that
I shall not feel uneasy

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