Fox, Catherine. Letter to Amy Kirby Post.


Handwritten letter from Catherine Fox to Amy Kirby Post. Fox writes that she misses Post and hopes to see her soon. She shares recent interactions with spirits.


1850 ?-06-19

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My dear Ammy
               It is wednesday afternoon
and I am alone, mother has gone
to pass the day with Leah. Mary
too has gone out leaving me
all alone to sigh for my friends
because they are not. I am very
lonely;  ah how I do wish that you
were here, you know we always
loved you. I can not think of you
as a mere friend but as something
dearer.          The dear spirits are
doing wonderful things, last evening
the Bayard family met at our
house for spiritual manifestations,
the piano was sweetly played ^played^ upon
by spirit fingers, the guitar was
played, then taken up and carried
above our heads, each person
in the circle was touched. The
room was perfectly dark and
all hands held. Dr. Bayard
and family said that they had
never passed a happier ^happier^ evening
in all their lives. When you
cause come dearest Amy we
must have the same mani =

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-festations over again, when are
you coming here?  can you not name
the time? If I visit Jericho next
Saturday will you not come
home with me? [&?] let me know
by return of mail and I will
come.  Mother went to Philad-
-elphia after Maggie but her
teachers would not hear to her
leaving school until the first of
August. I was very deeply
disappointed. My dear friend
George D Prentice of Louisville
has been passing a week in
New York. he passed every eve-
-ning with me and the dear spirits,
I wish that you could have seen
him. Give my love to Jacob.
and tell him. that we will try to
make everything pleasant for
him when he comes. Tell your
dear brother Joseph that I have
not had a headache since I was
at Jericho. I know he is a
healing medium the spirits
say I will never have another
headache. I can never thank
Mr Post for his ­­kindness. The
spirits say he has entirely

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cured me of headaches.
Have you had any communications
through Robert Rearsall since I saw
you last? Is he still a medium?
The city is very pleasant now dear
Ammy [sic] and I hope that you will
make us a visit very soon.
Elizabeth has not yet gone west I
am expecting her here every moment.
Mrs. Harris is well and happy.
do write to me immediately. Tell me
all the news. I am going this
evening with mrs. Walter and Brother
to the Opera. I wish you were
here to go with us. Dear Ammy [sic]
give my choicest love to all
your dear family. and tell them
I would love to pass another swell
Sabbatt evening with them.
            dearest Ammy [sic] I send you
many love on each gentle breeze
            Yours ever true
                        Kate Fox
New York June 19th
                                    PS have you
                               made any family
                               Circles at Jericho?
                                                  K F

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Has Mr Post received


Catherine Fox, a Spiritualist leader, writes to fellow Spiritualist, Amy Post. Spiritualists believed that through mediums, like the Fox sisters, they could communicate with the dead. Leah was Catherine's older sister. Mary Greeley was her friend and the daughter of newspaper editor, Horace Greeley. The Foxes stayed with the Greeley family while in New York City. The Bayard family were also Spiritualists. Jericho is in New York State. Margaret was another of Catherine's sisters. George Prentice was the editor of the Louisville Journal. Jacob was one of Post's sons. Mrs. Walter could refer to Ellen Walter, Margaret's chaperone.

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1850 ?-06-19
Jencken, Catherine Fox, 1836-1892
Post, Amy Kirby, b. 1802
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Post, Amy Kirby, b. 1802
Jencken, Catherine Fox, 1836-1892
Rochester (New York)
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