Hicks, Isaac. Letter to Amy Kirby Post.


Handwritten letter from Isaac Hicks to Amy Kirby Post, July 15, 1866.


July 15, 1866

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                                           Westbury 7 mo 1866

Dear Aunt               Amy Post      Rochester

         Mother Willis opened a letter last
night from thee and gave us the perusal of
it   and I was so much interested in it
that I send my acknowledments [sic] on paper
perhaps it will be acceptable to hear from us
too.  Yesterday M F went to Townsend Rush
mores after M W W who had been spending
a few day there.  Found Mother enjoying
herself fircely [sic], had been visiting to R Seaman
, Mary is very sick & she & Isaac, baby & nurse
are going to start as soon as the preliminaries are
fixed for Dr Ingersolls.  Isaac finds the owners
hip of a little boy, involves more labor & fatigue
than he calculated on, Complains of broken rest
tired, sleepy, &C. Thorns will grow on rosebushes
wont they Aunt Amy? pretty sharp ones they
are too ^sometimes^ as I know, Mother also went to R W Titus
and had a fine visit with Esther everything nice
Found Rebeca & Marcy Titus there on a visit

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Indeed mother always makes nice visits &
wants to go quite often to visit her^or our^neighbors
but M F & Rachel are too busy too [sic] go out with her
& M F is [Jne?] Willis daughter & only goes when she feels
like it, It is a beautiful first day morning but
Mother has just looked at the thermometer & it is
80 in the room, We have had very hot weather
some days & 98. to 100, in shade & pretty trying
to work out. When it is very cold & very
hot, I wish I was rich enough to enjoy
my leisure & not work other times I love
it especially when said work is among trees
fruit & flowers   My attention is less on fruit
now than formerly & is turned^more^to flowers We
are increasing their number & hope when thee
comes to visit us in the summer season we will
have something for thee to look at.  I seldom
see or hear from Aunt E. Mott, she is nearly shut
out from us & I hear Uncle James is building again
I fear his property affairs are not as prosperous as
they once were but I only judge from appearances,
Thee invited mother to come out & see you but
she is too feeble in health & mind too we think
to go so far from home  Perhaps thee

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and Uncle Isaac will come & see us soon
 Willets letter was very interesting to me &
Gilbert ^& all^ and must read it again  If I was alone
& youthful I would like just such a trip but
52 years have quenched a part of the romance from
me, I hope he will gain his health if his
pockets are not heavy with rocks, You would
feel very lonely no doubt were it not you are the
centre of attraction to so many friends & you have
several relatives too living near that call often,
so that probably you have as good a share
of the comforts of this life as most folks do
That reminds me of our sons letter who is
at the Implement trial at Auburn, exhibiting
a new fangled apparatus called Hicks’ hay
elevator.   He took board at I Chases’ and at
tea in walked a quaker looking lady who was
very friendly with him & finding he was from L I
inquired if he knew Amy & I. Post and on finding
he was related she said her name was Sarah
Thayer, once a Hicksite now she had ^was^ on another
track & was a Spiritualist & an old & intimate
friend of thine. This made him feel like home
and a freedom to converse on kindred topics

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except spiritualism which Edward is not a
proficient or rather that kind of spiritualism
About Saml Hicks strawbery [sic] crop, now
as M F says I must close soon & I
hurry as fast I can, He had plenty of
pickers, money will buy them out, One
& two dollars a day is an inducement
He had 8000 qts About the amt in
cash we do not know yet 2,000 perhaps

or $25000    Fruit sells very high now
  Our crop of apples is not large
  I cannot think of more news to
tell thee of us we are & have been too
busy in haying & harvesting to run about
much :::  Left & went to meeting expected
to go & see J & Mary before they went but it is
too hot, for us & horses, besides being very
dusty, We have two boarders now but
they will not stay over 3 weeks more
& in about 3 months we expect to take a
permanent boarder for life probably
Richard Eldert was buried to day over
90 years old _ Now I bring this hasty letter
to a close with love to all.  Isaac Hicks

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