Mayhew, John. Letter to Amy Kirby Post.


Handwritten letter from John Mayhew to Amy Kirby Post, August 20, 1867.


August 20, 1867

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                              Washington DC 20 Aug 67
  Amy Post
                Dear Madam & Sister
                            My name may be Known to you
though in person we are strangers to each other.
   Through certain beautiful leadings and into
positions of the Angel world _ After laboring for
fourteen Years as an Evangel of our beautiful Gospel
of Immortality I have been brought to this city,
and place in the position of a leader among the
Spiritualists here. . Since my advent in Jany last
a permanent organization has been accomplished
and the members organization has been accomplished
and the members have selected me to fill the position
of President thereof.
        We have already organized a Conference,
meetings once a week for discussion well attended
    A Platonic School once a week, for the calm
presentation of Matured thought on given Subjects
without Discussion _
     Are now about to organize Circle throughout
the City for development of Media,_     And are

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ready for the Lyceum Movement, as soon as
Bro Davis can visit us to organize, and put it in
operation _ For these purposes and our regular
Lecture from 1 Oct to 31 May _ together with
a Choral Class to furnish music for our public
meetings weekly _ and Sociables for friendly inter
course  Bi weekly; it is necessary that we have
the command of a Hall at all times -
  It seems to me that here at the Nations Capital
we ought o have an attractive place of Meeting
worthy of our Cause _    We have secured
a Hall, handsome and well situated, on a
lease for one year with the Privilege of five.
    The rent Six hundred Dollars has been
guaranteed by six of our Members _ For
paying our Lecturer, without estimating their
board it will require Nine hundred Dollars
Our Subscription list is rapidly approaching
that sum, bearing evidence to the generous
spirit of our Members _   The amount for the
full equipment of C P Lyceum has also been
already pledged )   And Now we must fil [sic]
up our Hall _ The cost of which for Letters . Chairs

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  Platform Window Shades &c will require Six
Hundred Dollars More _ This having already
strained every nerve _ we are unable to do
without assistance _  But feeling that this
movement here is one which will tell throughout
the Nation _ and is one in which all of Spiritualist
aid and feel confident that we shall re
ceive a fraternal response
    Will you Kindly present, or cause to be
presented our Case to the Friends in Rochester
and ask them to send us such aid as their
earliest convenience as their sympathy with
our undertaking, and generosity may prompt
them to afford us
     Our Hall will be dedicated in October
first Sunday _ _ Friends from Baltimore
Phila. and other places are expected to parti
cipate with us
             Your on behalf of
                   Washington Group No 1
                                  Progressive Spiritualists
[Boxboy?] Washn DC           John Mayhew Presdt.-

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