Abbott, Mary C. Letter to Holland Richmond.


Handwritten letter from Mary C Abbott to Holland Richmond, August 13, 1867.


August 13, 1867

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                       Rochester    August 13th 1867
Mr & Mrs Richmond
                 Dear Friends_ I have a long
time had a very Great desire to see you
and was in hopes you would Call on me
ere this,_ the first week in April I was
forced against my will into this House
and have remained in this little Dingey [sic]
unpleasent [sic] Room ever Since _ my furniture
was Sent to a ware house_ and Still rema
_ins there. (Except a few things) oh! how
impatient & Discanted I have been. what I
have Suffered in mind and body beggars
description_ Mr & Mrs Post Called on me after
I had been here Six weeks. I told them Some
things that had happened, how much I
disliked the folks &c) it does Seem as if
I Should never get away) if I dont very soon
I do hope that I may leave this Suffering
form_ it Seems Perfectly awful that I
should be kept in this way_ I beg & Plead
but all to know [sic] Purpose _ my Father and

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Mother & Brothers & all my other Relatives, and
it Seems the majority of all the folks I
ever knew was here_more than all that
this little Room is head Quarters, the
highest Powers of the universe are with me
all of my friends are under Control, as well
as myself, or they would Change my Situation
the Lectures you have been to hear lately went
from here ^I mean those that delivered them_^ I knew who they all were_Peter
Delivered the three last ones _ the highest
in Power in Power has talked with me (Since
the first of last March) all the time as
familier [sic] as my own Mother would _ & he does
the talking for all the Rest ) and it is with
him that I every day Plead for a Change )
oh my friends I am having the Strangest
Experience I ever knew, or ever hear od_
to say that I like ti, I Cant_ for I do not_
and my Constant wish and Prayer is to have
it end _ I never knew any thing of Such a
Power before _ I know of no one that would
beleive [sic] it_ unless they experienced it _ no not
even you my friends_ who in other things

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understand ^me^ better than anyone else, or
how I have ^been^ maneged [sic] _
    now I do want you Holland and
Susan to Come and See me at Your
Earliest Conveinence [sic] dont fail for
I am writing this at the Request and
assistance of the Power that Constantly
Controls me _ I have long known
that You Holland was to be the
unfolder of many tings Concerning
me and my Brother &C _
           Mrs Hart has only been here twice
  She does not like the folks, nor they
her_ but I have written her Several times
and her Sister has brought me news
from her_ is not this a nice way to
live _ it is truly horrid well dont
failr to Come and that Soon,
    I remain as ever your Affectionate Friend
                                  Mary C. Abbott
to Holland & Susan

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Holland, Richmond
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