Davenport, Ira Erastus. Letter to Amy Kirby Post.


Handwritten letter from Ira Erastus Davenport to Amy Kirby Post, August 11, 1867.


August 11, 1867

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                      Buffalo Aug 11th 1867
    Mrs. Amy Post.
                       Dear sister, the spiritualists
society here has in a buisness [sic] meeting
appointed their number of delegates to attend
the National convention to be held at
cleveland the 3rd day of Sept; and also
appointed me a commity [sic] of one to make
arrangements with a line of Steemeurs [sic] to
convey us there and back.     I have consulted
and [sic] agent and have his proposision [sic]; and it is
this; he will give us a steemer [sic] with good
accomidations [sic]; with board and state room
to Cleveland and back, for 6 dollars
each; and think he can for less; that will
save each one 5 dollars from Buffalo
and back;    sister, will you please to
inform the delegates of Rochester and other
friends of this arraingement [sic], and they can
take their choice, go in Cars and pay 11 dollars
or go in propeller for 5. if any of the friends
desires any further information in regard to
pair of accomidations [sic] they can address

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me at 278 Main St. Buffalo,
I do hope, that the friend of Rochester
will no fail to send delegates who are
Phenomenal spiritualists insted [sic] of
                    nothing could afford me
so much pleasure as to see you and
Isaac there also, for I anticipate much
inharmony. and it will requair [sic] a
large central power to harmonize
those who make it their buisness [sic] to atten
conventions for the purpose [sic] of making a
very greate [sic] display of what they are
deficient of; and that good sence [sic]'
Buffalo has elected 12 delegates; and it
may be that about 8 of them will
attend;    sister you can inform
all those who desire to go of the arrange
ment maid [sic] here to go and come back;
             Please give my respects
                          to all who inquairr [sic]
                             your as ever

                   Ira Davenport

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