Daniels, Cora L V. Letter to Amy Kirby Post.


Handwritten letter from Cora L V Daniels to Amy Kirby Post, February 16, 1867.


February 16, 1867

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         Washington Feb. 16th,18-1867

Dear Mrs Post,
                     We are in recpt [sic] of your kind
& interesting letter for which please accept
our warmest thanks. We had been hoping
for one many days & at last it came
like a white dove. laden with peaceful
breathings from your kind heart
    We are exceedingly pained to learn that
Mr post has been so ill.   I fear these severe
attacks will undermine his constitution ere
long _ do you know an idea flashed
across my mind While reading of his
illness  that the odor of the drugs
& chemicals in the store is too power-
ful for his sensitive condition & that
much of his illness may be ascribed
to that cause  We are rejoiced that
he is convalescent & hope the golden
link Which unites his spirit to this
world may be lengthened as far
as is possible & that When 'tis at
last severed it will be without
pain. Give him our best love &
tell him not to overtax his little
strength. _ _

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It is truly a happy event for Susie &
Holland that he has at last been at-
tracted to some buisness [sic] that promises [sic]
success _ & I do not wonder that they
are full of happiness in consequence
I have no doubt it will be the stepping
stone to an active business life
for Holland has good capacity:
Experience in part of years _ How
glad Susan must be _ she has been
patient & waited so long _ God spare
them _ I hope to hear from Susie
       The "[Bus?] parking" will unquestion
ably prove a success - as soon as the
companies are organized _ & With
regard to the profits of the gentleman
Who discovered the process - you know
nothing could be done without him
or then he is one of the right stamp
a true Friend of humanity whom
the Angels ought to crown with
success _ , the only difficulty appre
hended is in the unsettled political
condition of that state (Texas) but
if Congress proceeds as rapidly with
Reconstruction as written the past
[wile?] we shall soon be able to

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live in any part of the south.
     Nettie arrived here Tuesday morning
& remained until Thursday Eveing [sic].
a flying visit surely. but enough to
give us a glimpse of her. & to recieve [sic]
many messages from our friends in
Rochester & Buffalo of which she was
the bearer.   We invited a few frieds [sic]
to meet her at our rooms Wedenesday [sic]
Evening. Mr Richmond (Hollands'
Father) & Mrs Townsened [sic] the speakers
were among the number. Nettie was
controlled very pleasantly & all
Were much delighted with her.
She goes to Charlestown Mass.
We have just recd [sic] a letter from her written
at New York _ she seemed well & in good
spirits. We hope she will return here
after her engagement Closes in C. _
  The Friends in Rochester can spare her
for a while & there seems to be a purpose
on the part of the invisibles to Concntrate [sic]
all the influence here that is possible
     We heard thro Nettie of the test
to Which you Lyceum has been subjected
on the question of human rights
We are glad it happened & that the
members were compelled to show
their true colors . If the Lyceum

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does not predicate its existence upon
the basis of entire right - & the equality
of all persons - the sooner it is broken
up the better. We have no fears however
When You - Mr & Mrs Hebard & Mrs
Watson are at the helm - They cannot
afford to lose the only workers they
   Dear old sojourner - give her our
love _ & tell me she cannot be [illegible] ^any^
nearer heaven on Earth _ than she
now is. safely resting under your
wing & roof _ We hope she will talk
plain truths to the people _ _ how
beautiful is the contemplation of what
her condition will be in the world of
souls. The starry crown outwrought
from her glorious life,  [als?] tell
her we think &  speak of her so often
 -         -        -     -
     As for ourselves we are delightfully
located (for Washington) & our
lovely little "Etta" unfolds every day
in beauty & intelligence like the rose
as fresh and beautiful.  she grows
so large & scolds so sweetly. We
have a nice little Colord [sic] girl Who
helps take care of her _ & instead
amuses her most of the time.
Baby loves her very much _

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There is much of interest politically
The last few days have brought Congress
to a definite policy - & the House
has already passed two measures
Which will settle the whole plan
of Reconstruction. but of these matters
I leave my husband to write. The
dear one grows joyous over the
prospect of seeing some definite
plan adopted that will enable
us to go south & engage in the
great work of reconstruction.
   Spiritually the Elements here
are divided. The Scociety [sic] here
is Composed of Conservatives
Entirely - & we have no association
or afiliation [sic] with them whatever.
no speakers are engaged except
those who eschew politics entirely.
hence their Audiences are small &
their lectures weak.   There is
a radical element here - however
& it reaches out in all reformatory
directions . & it is destined to do
a silent yet great work here in
influencing congress & briging [sic]
order out of Chaos. -

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But I am so much of a mother that
I am almost wholley [sic] absorbed in my
fate & so much of a wife that  Husband
& Rosebud are ever uppermost in
my thoughts.  still I am willing to
be the instrument of any good that
can be accomplished without injury
to those sacred duties which claim
everything. - Darling will finish
this & tell you somewhat of politics
baby is calling & I must close with
love to your entire household &
all friends - & blessings upon you
        now & evermore
                                     Cora L.V. Daniels

[Rest of letter is written by N W Daniels and transcribed as Letter 1601]

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