Gibson, Olive. Letter to Amy Kirby Post.


Handwritten letter from Olive Gibson to Amy Kirby Post, February 8, 1867.


February 8, 1867

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[First part of letter is written by David Gibson and transcribed as Letter 1597]

   Dear Sister, we received your Kind letter & was
glad to read its contents yet Sorry to think that there
was any body unwilling to have the coloured people to
enjoy life liberty & an equal chance of Progression
with the whites, but hope that they may yet repent
& be converted, If it was not too much ^trouble^, I would like
to hear occasionally to hear how your Liceum [sic] prospered
Spiritualism here is down at low water mark. They
run too fast at the first tide, & broke on the Shore of
Presumption. And I would hope it would not rise again
till the influence of its Power would Sweep away all
the refuge of Lies & the water of Salvation overflow their
hiding places,,                                   Olive

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[This page also transcribed as part of Letter 1597]

         We expect you to take your pay for your
trouble out of the price of the Butter _ And if you
send the Firkins back I would be glad to have you
send a patern [sic] of a loose dress I saw on the coloured
girl when I was there. it was cut cross grained so
as to be full round the bottom, I think it would be better
for me to not be confined to a Snug waste [sic],
 It has got to be late & we must big your Good night
with much Love & Respect,             David & Olive Gibson
To Isaac & Amy Post,

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