Collins, Henry. Letter to Amy Kirby Post.


Handwritten letter from Henry Collins to Amy Kirby Post, January 19, 1867.


January 19, 1867

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                                Vineland, N Jersey
         Dear Amy         Jan. 1867
         I wrote thee very soon after
my arrival here and not a line
has reachd [sic] me from thee I think
my dear friend must be very busy
or in some trouble or anxiety
I do want to hear from you
all my Rochester friends have yet
a strong claim on my regard
and may I not have some proof of
your esteem pretty soon
  I have been a resident of Vineland
almost 2 moths and I am more happy
than I anticipated The society here is good
and I can attend at the Hall which be=
longs to the "Friend of progress" tho we are
3 miles distant - H Collins goes to the village
of "station" almost dayly [sic] and Thomas attends
school there this winter we have a thin
coat of snow not enough for a sleigh
and the roads are as good as summer
the woods of pine and oak are so full
of foliage tho the latter is dry and brown

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contrasting with the pine still green and
all small being only a few years growth
we can see but few houses but we know
they are on every side all the land taken
up and mostly built on for 5 miles around
The winter is more uniformly cold and
freezing than usual I suppose from
sympathy with the "north" we have had
letters from Ashwood and Auburn also
from Wm C Well and now comes the stand
ard & Commonwealth - from the well known
hand of the good man who does not for
get us - He is not ejected from the P Office
it seems _ We have had Charles Burleigh
here gave a good Lecture also Emma
Hardinge _ Lucy Stone and H Blackwell
who have started the Question of "Equal rights"
and now H C Wright tommorr [sic] (sat) we
are to have a convention of 3 meetins in
one day to give the "earnest ones" a chance
to discuss the subject I intend to go down
and stay all day I hope H C Wright will not
monopolize too much tho' people are
apt to like long preachments those who
cant do their own thinking but I want
to hear from those who have not been
in the habit of hearing their own voices
I regretted no seing [sic] Lucy Stone but
I cant go to evening Lectures very well
tho my health is about as good

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My health is very good has been im
   proving ever since I left Auburn
   Isaac and Abbie have now in
prospect a new home on the east side
of Seneca Lake near the head close
by a village calld [sic] Hector and planted
partly with grapes a small house like
that at Genesee St a barn pearch orchard
orchard and small fruit Isaac has been
to see the place and A thinks she
shall like it and I shall be glad for
them to have a little home
We have had a very pleasant visit from an
old friend of my girls she is the daughter
of Ellen Haviland attended school with
Dorcas when young and now comes here
a widow for the 2d time from the West where
she has pass'd thro' an experience which has
been instructive I have enjoyd [sic] her company
and now she has left for N Bedford visiting
her [frnd?], there intending to see "old Scipoo"
before her return West
 Well I have been with George Prior thro the
last of his Earth life he linger'd a few weeks &
passd away in his 88th year full of hope
hope and full of love saw a lovely vision
of light a day of two previous, and was vis=
ited by several good Mediums who are
                                          residents of Vine Land

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I shall be able to see some of them
at their homes but there are not much
going on now here publicly indeed
I think I prefer such a treat privately
Wilson Prior has married a dear good
woman who has been a comfort to his
dear aged Father thro' his sickness (they
were married after he was taken ill)
she is very dear to me as a friend
already she seems to understand me
and _ makes herself familiar with my
inmost feelings _ Her ^former^ home is in
Randolph Cataraugus Co (I believe) she
knew Mary Davis in and through her
trials and was with her at the time of
her separation from Mr [Love?] she gives a
very dear statement of facts, and states
that he is a very fickle man and must
have exiting [sic] changes his Business transactions
&c &c are all in that line that she loved
him dearly but as her love was not returnd [sic]
she could not live without the "Article"
and Lucetta Prior (formerly Brown) describes
the Anguish which Mary suffer'd at the
parting as most in tense I know my dear
Amy will be glad that I have such a
new found friend give my love to Susan
Richmond and ask her to let me hear from
her some time
                        Direct to H Collins -

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Dorcas Collins has had one poor turn like the
Influenza but is now well as usual she
enjoys having me with her and I am able
to make myself useful to her   They are all
H & D & son Thomas all at the Village the men
attend a Lecture by Solon Robinson the subject
"What is [Dirt?] D has gone to have a short
dress fitted I am all alone not even a
"cat" I shall finish writing and retire
as it is evening and I am making tracks
for the [sic] to decipher if the [sic] can I dont write
good at all but thee will be able to
find out my meaning if any one can

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Do let me hear from Willit the dear
boy  how much I think of him
Ann Pound told me of a Brother Elijah
who had some intention of coming to this
country _ please let her know I wish
to hear from her niece Emma Coleman
good night my dear friends
  Isaac & Amy Post . . .

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