Post, Joseph. Letter to Isaac Post.


Handwritten letter from Joseph Post to Isaac Post, December 25, 1866.


December 25, 1866

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      Dear Brother Westbury 12 month 25th1866
                             I am feeling somewhat
lonesome to day Elizabeth and I are all
of the human at home Mary is at
Syosset staying a few days with Catharin [sic]
our domesticks [sic] are scatered [sic] keeping as they
say the holy day, which is very pleasent [sic]
one warm and [thoring?] very little frost
in the ground. we have had for the last
2 weeks quite cold not to [thor?] but little
roads very good. last 6 & 7 days we filed our
ice house first ^and second^ days rain and warm and
now very muddy. Emma Titus passed on
to the higher life last week has been
a great sufferer although the weather
was very cold it seemed impossible to
keep the body in a situation fit to be seen
it swelled up almost immediately and discharge [sic]
very much, although ice was used freely
it did not stoop [sic] it so as to look natureral [sic]
Ana seems very pleasant and kind since
although she did ^was^ not willing to speak

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to her sister Jane and Maria Willets when
they came, the funeral took place from
our meeting house Jonathan Dickerson
and William Thomas held forth I think
prety [sic] good not much of the ^extreme^ orthordox [sic] faith
Jacob Seaman from Cornwell was here
he says the words were good but they lacked
the life, and to me I thought quite as
much life as our side preacher manny [sic] times
on like accations [sic]. I think what we turm [sic] the
Orthordox [sic] part of our Society is quit [sic] as intolerant
as the more liberal ones. Phebe Johnson is at
S. Rushmores has been for some weeks she
holds forth generally ^at meeting^ I suppose for our in=
struction but I think to the edification of
but very few. Edward has come to our meet=
=ing since she has been here. I suppose
unites with her, and yet I can hardly see
how it is possable [sic] for any enlightend [sic] mind
in these times of enligh^t^enment to go back
to those dark days of when sacrifices were
beleived [sic] to be required and think a sacrifice
was required that we to [sic] might be saved. to me
it is the hight [sic] of superstition

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I attended two of the Equal rights meetings in
New york I thought Stanton dilivered [sic] the best
peach [sic] I ever herd [sic] her she has not been a favourite
of mine but this time I though [sic] it very good
Remond to was very good  Col Ross of Missouri
spoke very well whent [sic] very thoroly [sic] for negro
suffrage as well as woman. he though [sic] it was
the only hope of the union people of the south
can it be possible that persons who are engaged
in so unpoler [sic] calling as the advocacy of
womans rights to the ballot. can feel any
objection to Spiriualist [sic] takeing [sic] a part in and
helping on the cause, if their [sic] is any I think
they had better pause and consider what manner
of spirit they are of. Where is Fredrick [sic] now
is he at home I persee he was at Brooklyn
last week I want to get him to come and see us
and lecture in our hall, but as he is one of
the populer [sic] lecturers and gets high prices
hardly know how to accomplish it unless
he will come some time from New York
when it will not be much additional expense
some of our trustees are not yet enough enlig
enlighened [sic] to really want him it makes

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it hard to get the best lectures they are
so affraid [sic] to give any countinence to any
thing new as they think and then again
we have to wait for them on account of
geting [sic] the pay. we cannot ^are so scartered [sic] it is^
hard to get an ordiance [sic] large enough
unless we yeald [sic] to their wishes
Solan Robison [sic] is expeced [sic] to give a lecture
next week on Agriculter [sic]. as it is the first
first we have had this winter it may
do I do not think a subject that will be
likely to call a large meeting We think
we know about as well about farming
who have had practical experianc [sic]
all our days as one who has never to
my knowlege [sic] had much experiance [sic] I
think we will be oppen to learn
26 verty clear bright morning not very cold
ground very rough. We want to see you very
much have been in hopes you would find
time to have made us a visit but do not
hear any thing about it and I have been
looking for an appertunity [sic] when we might
brake [sic] away and give you a call but
do not see the time yet. We were very
glad to received thy letter please wright [sic]
often. I am such a poor hand to wright [sic] must excuse me
                                                  Joseph Post

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