Willets, George. Letter to Isaac Post.


Handwritten letter from George Willets to Isaac Post, August 14, 1866.


August 14, 1866

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Dear Cousins               Aug 14th
It is not long since I have written, but having
a little time before going home thought I would just
write a short letter. We have been very bussy [sic] _ all of last
week. And so far this. We received and sold last week
one Hundred and sixty Barrells [sic] of Dried Black berries
and nearly a Hundred Barrells [sic] of Dried Apples _ The
Blackberries for 30c per pound and Apples for 18c. This is
besides. the Butter and eggs _ we have received _ This
week so far we have sold 32 Barrells [sic] Black berries and
50 Barrells [sic] of Dried Apples _ and have 80 Barrells [sic] to
arrive on Thursday..  These all come from the south.
The colored People being free to do what they please
have picked and dried these berries . there never was
half so many came before and never was so high
The Blackberries come to about $53 per barrell [sic]. and the
Apples to 24 dollars.    It was quite unexpected
to receive so many _ Business was so dull through
June and July that I had become quite discouraged
When I went to see Rhoda Fuller I said I would
not take business along with me or say one word
about it. and I did not.  My father however said that

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I was about discouraged _ and that it had certainly
been very discouraging. but go on in the same path. _thee
will come out right _ from now on it will be better
This Autumn. will show thee that I have not
made a mistake_ I hope it may. for it did seem
by my experience _ for the last two years. that there
was not much dependence to be placed on spirit.
direction _ I hope I may be disappointed as I do
not like to come to the conclusion _ that spirit cousel [sic]
is worthless _ our circle has not met yet we expect
to get together this week_ but not quite certain as
Rhoda Fuller was quite sick on first day. I am
hoping for nothing and asking for nothing_ so shall not
be disappointed if we receve [sic] nothing.   All well as usual
The girls expect to go to Scipio and Skaneateles _ this or
next week John Searing & wife are comg [sic] down here this
week _ P B Randolph spoke at Dodworths Sunday
evening, He is lately from New Orleans.   He was treated
so well by Andy at Washington that he was inclined
to _ fight for him but since he has got here he
was dead agnst [sic] "My Policy" He said the war
was not over. that no Union man could stay in
New Orleans _ without in danger of being shot. That
Andy was directly responsible for the late Wonders
there &c. I should feel bad. if I did not beleve [sic]
that God reigns. or something else _ if God is not
the right name_ There is a certain something that
shapes and rules and governs . and I had as [fine?]
call it God as not. althought I do not ever expect
to see him personally. Affectionately   Geo Willets

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