Linsley, Sarah. Letter to Amy Kirby Post.


Handwritten letter from Sarah Linsley to Amy Kirby Post, May 23, 1866.


May 23, 1866

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                                           May 23-1866
Dear sister Amy
                          I was truly glad to recieve [sic]
a few lines from thy pen (& I feel) from thy
heart ^also^, which by me, I trust is appreciate^d^
           Kind & sympathetic words that come
from the lips only, perhaps have their use
but when they come from a soul that is
full of love & true sympathy for suf-
fering humanity, then they are "more
precious than the Gold of Ophir" & they
leave an impress on the recipiant [sic] soul
that time nor memory cannot easily
efface,   I am thinking that by this time
your darling boy is on his way to the
far west & you are left to feel sometim^es^
a sad & lonely as you see the vacant seat
at the table, & no more hear his footsteps
as he returns from his daily task, _
I know full well a mothers feelings when
parting from with a beloved child _ they

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are such as none but a mother can know_
If this is your present condition I trust
you are sustained by invisible loved ones
who are ever ready to minister to our wan^ts^
& to do all they can to dispel the clouds of
grief & sorrow that will sometimes steal ove^r^
the mind _ my health is some better, but my
arm continues lame, sometimes a little better
& then if I over tax it in any way it gets worse -
I am going to shut up my house for a time while & spend
a while with some friends of mine about 20 miles
from here _ they wish me to do so & It looks like an
opening for me that will result in my good as
well as theirs,) thee said that my stay here all alone
looked like hiding my light _ true _ so I feel like stepping
out as my way opens, I feel that my physical as well as
spiritual health requires me to get out from here
for a time atleast [sic] _ I am thankful thee has got
safely through thy house cleaning, I hope thee will not
get down again _ I expected thee would over do before
it was all over _ probably if I had staid [sic] with thee I could
not have done the little things that thee was obliged
to do - I am thankful that br Isaac has got through
with one trouble, I hope the time will come when
he will be more fully released from care & trouble &
be in a condition to live in daily rapport with his
spirit councelors [sic], that his gifts (that now (to Som [sic]
extent lay dormant) may be brought out into
more lively exercise, I should be pleased to
hear from you, whenever you feel like writing &
do not fail to tell me of Willets whereabouts, Direct
to Farmersville Catteraugus Co N_y, love to all
inquiring friends   S L

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